Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Internal Audit is to transform a highly functioning audit department into a world-class collaborative function which positively impacts and influences the University's goals of Accountability & Responsibility, Service Excellence, Technical Proficiency, Reputational Credibility, Programmatic Integrity, Thought Leadership, and Life-Long Learning.


The Internal Audit charter sets forth the authority and responsibilities of the Office of Internal Audit and provides guidelines for its interaction with University departments, administrators and personnel.  The purpose of Internal Audit is to determine whether the University’s control, risk management, and governance processes, as designed and implemented by management, are adequate and functioning to ensure:

  • Risks are appropriately identified and managed.
  • Interaction with the various governance groups occurs as needed.
  • Financial, managerial, and operating information is accurate, reliable, and timely.
  • Employee actions are in compliance with University policies and procedures, and applicable laws and regulations.
  • Resources are acquired economically, used efficiently, and adequately protected.
  • Plans and objectives are achieved.
  • Quality and continuous improvement are fostered in the University’s control process.
  • Significant legislative or regulatory issues impacting the University are recognized and addressed appropriately.