Membership Roster

Administrative Staff
Administrative Services

 Michael Holmes

Enrollment Management

 Shawnice Avilez

Student Affairs

 Kevin Newell

Chairpersons' Association

 Roxanne Stevenson

Civil Service Members

 Bobbie Garner-Stewart (Secretary)

 Valerie Riley (Co-Chair)

 Pamela Sims

Faculty Members
College of Arts & Sciences

 Judith Birgen

College of Business

 Scott Upshaw

College of Education

 Jacqueline Benchik-Osborne

College of Health Sciences and Pharmacy/Faculty Union

 Melany Puglisi-Weening

Library & Instructional Services

 Charlene Snelling

Faculty Senate

 Liefu Jiang

Student Members

 Tereshia Weathers

 Tajuane Wes

Financial Operations

 Nicole Latimer-Williams, CFO/VP
  Financial Operations (Co-Chair)

 Aranda, Maricela
  Director of Budget & Planning