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Students GroupThe Latino Resource Center (LRC) is home to four Latino-based student organizations. The LRC staff is very appreciative of the level of support it has received through the many hours of volunteer work these organizations have contributed to the Center. The following organizations invite you to become involved. Getting involved in these organizations can help you learn and grow as a leader and develop essential skills to become effective change agents on campus and in your community. Call the Latino Resource Center at (773) 995-2526 to learn more.

been recognized The Organization of Latin American Studentsseveral times as the most active organization of the year. The purpose of OLAS is to promote Latino cultural awareness throughout the community and increase the Latino population on campus. Along with organizing Cinco de Mayo every year, OLAS assists the LRC in the implementation of all cultural events and lead all fundraising efforts to award the Jose Carrillo Scholarship every year in the spring semester. More importantly, OLAS is the advocate organization for Latino students on campus.

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. - Beta Delta Chapter was founded in the spring of 2007. It began with Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.a group of women (sisterhood of all cultures) that exemplifies the same beliefs and principles of academics, community service, cultural awareness, social interaction and morals and ethics. Several women of Entre Amigas later established a Colony of SLG, Inc. They made CSU history by becoming the first Latina/o Greek organization to gain chapter status on August 11, 2009.
The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (H.A.C.E.) - University Leadership Program was founded in the fall of 2014 by three Latino CSU The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancementstudent leaders to create greater access and opportunities for students by utilizing the H.A.C.E. national organization. H.A.C.E. aims to provide students with the support system to enhance and accelerate personal and professional development, establish working relationships with organizations that promote Latino and minority advancement, and create networking opportunities to connect locally and nationally with other universities and professionals. H.A.C.E. has been successful by taking its members to the U.S.H.L.I. Conference and providing résumé writing, elevator speech and personal branding workshops.
The CSU D.R.E.A.Mers and Allies Student Organization was founded in the fall 2014 semester by four Latino CSU student leaders with the The D.R.E.Apurpose to educate students, staff, and faculty about the DREAM Act, to advocate at CSU for the DREAM Act and to assist D.R.E.A.Mer students identify resources that will assist them complete their degree and successfully progress in their careers. Most importantly, they are here to welcome, support, encourage and advocate for other D.R.E.A.Mers. The D.R.E.A.Mers and Allies student organization has been successful by organizing the first D.R.E.A.M. Zone Training at CSU, sharing their stories and mentoring high school students during the first Spring D.R.E.A.Mers Conference at CSU, and leading all fundraising efforts to award the Monarch Butterfly Scholarship for the first time in the spring 2016 semester.
Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc.Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc.(SLB)-CSU Colony was founded at Chicago State University (CSU) on April 15, 2016 by a group of four young men that adhered to the principles of brotherhood, community service, cultural awareness, and scholarship. It began with an interest group that was established as an official student organization in the fall 2015 semester as Success, Leadership and Brotherhood (S.L.B.) Society. S.L.B. Society members adhered to the beliefs of further nurturing the dynamic of interested male students through leadership development, academic success, and networking. Their commitment and dedication paid off at the end of the spring 2016 semester when they transitioned into Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc. They made history at CSU as they are now recognized as Founders of the first Latino based (Multicultural) Greek Fraternity on campus.


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