Public Library Specialization

Chicago State University offers a Master of Science Degree in Library and Information Science for those interested in Public Libraries. 

General Admission Requirements

Applicants interested in applying to the Masters of Science in Library and Information Science (MSLIS) must:

  • Fulfill the general university requirements for admission to a graduate program;
  • Have a grade point average of 3.0 or better (on a 4.00 scale) for the final 60 semester credit hours of undergraduate and/or graduate. Applicants with a grade point average between 2.75 and 2.99 for the final 60 semester credit hours of undergraduate and/or graduate courses may qualify for conditional admission.
  • Complete program admission requirements.

 Master’s Degree Program Requirements

  • All requirements for the master degree must be completed within six years.
  • Completion of all credit hours at the graduate level as directed below to fulfill program requirements, with no more than two courses with a grade of a C.
  • Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in the program to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress and good academic standing.  A student is placed on probation if the cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 for any term.  After being placed on probation, a student must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA in the program of 3.0 within the next two terms or will be dismissed from the program.
  • Completion of the university research requirement, which culminates in the creation of a graduate thesis/project.
  • Submission of an electronic graduate portfolio completed during the Capstone course.
  • Adherence to all College policies as stated in this catalog, unless exceptions or higher expectations are noted in program documentation.

The Master of Science in Library and Information Science program at Chicago State University is accredited by the American Library Association Committee on Accreditation, with the status of Initial accreditation. The next comprehensive review visit is scheduled for Spring 2026.

Specific Degree Requirements (35–44 Credit Hours)

Required Courses (15 Credit Hours)

The following five required courses are to be taken at the beginning of the student’s master’s program.

  • LIS 5050: Foundations of the Information Professions
  • LIS 5060: Organization of Information
  • LIS 5070: Introduction to Reference Services
  • LIS 5080: Information Technology for Library and Information Agencies
  • LIS 5090: Research Methods in Library and Information Science

Directed Elective Courses (15 – 43 Credit Hours)

Students will select one of the following specializations and complete the sequence of courses listed:

Public Libraries

  • LIS 5350: The Public Library
  • LIS 5390: Management and Organization of Libraries
  • LIS 5510: Database Design for Information Storage and Retrieval
  • LIS 5970: Field Practicum
  • Two electives selected with an advisor

Concluding Courses (4 to 7 Credit Hours)

The following three concluding courses are to be taken at the end of the student’s master’s program:

•  LIS 5980: Project (Min. 3 credit hours)

•  LIS 5990: MSLIS Capstone (1 credit hour)


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