Welcome to the Department of Music

The Department of Music is a leader in the performing arts at Chicago State University providing a musical education grounded in performance, historical, and cultural contexts.  An established program in music studies, music education, and a minor reflect the Chicago environment from which the Department draws its strength.  The Department offers music courses to all students to broaden their understanding and enjoyment of music as a fine art.

The Department of Music offers four degrees:

Admission to the Department is contingent upon successful completion of a performance audition and a written placement examination in music theory.  All entering students who do not meet the minimum standards to be majors in the Department may be admitted conditionally.  Students must remove identified deficiencies within the first year of matriculation before being fully admitted to the program.  Students are encouraged to audition as early as possible for scholarship and financial aid consideration.  All students who qualify may participate for credit, or without credit, in the various performance ensembles sponsored by the Department.