President Scott's Office Hours

President Scott invites CSU faculty, staff, students, as well as alumni and community members, to meet with her during scheduled office hours. President Scott welcomes respectful, open dialogue about CSU and working together to move CSU forward. Meetings will be held virtually either through Zoom or by phone and limited to 15 minutes. Meetings should typically include one person, but consideration for groups up to three will be made based on the topic. First-time participants will be given priority. 

The President will not hear presentations or entertain questions on the following topics: issues under negotiation as part of the University's collective bargaining process, statements concerning the private activities, lifestyles, or beliefs of individuals employed by or associated with the University, grievances of individual students or employees or any personnel matters.

Questions regarding office hours may be directed to

2024 Appointment Request Form

Please use the form below to make a request, no less than one week in advance. Submissions must include a detailed topic, in order to ensure that matters appropriately addressed by other university personnel will be redirected. Discretion will be used when considering appointment requests and we only accept one appointment per topic if duplicative requests are received.

Note: Submitting a request is not a guarantee of an appointment. You will receive notice if your appointment is accepted. The appointment time will be selected based on availability.


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