Performance Evaluation FAQs

No, you do not need to complete performance evaluations for Temporary Administrators or Extra Help roles.
Evaluations are due at the end of the probationary period, either 6 or 12 months depending on the position.

These are REQUIRED for every eligible employee.

  • The same form can be used for all performance evaluations (end of probationary period, mid-year, end-of-year) regardless of time period.
  • Accurately provide the time period (using specific dates) for the performance period being reviewed.
Yes, you are responsible to complete an evaluation for the time under your supervision.
Complete the evaluation and indicate the time period of which the employee has been under your supervision.
Indicate employee’s refusal to sign and date of refusal.
Yes, with an indication that the employee has separated and the date of separation.
Yes, with an indication that the employee has been laid off and the effective date of layoff.
Failure to adhere to the deadline may result in disciplinary action.
A copy of the completed Performance Evaluation form with the supervisor’s signature should be submitted with a brief statement including the anticipated date of return. The completed Performance Evaluation with the employee’s signature should be submitted within 15 days of the employee’s return to work.
If an employee disagrees with the Performance Evaluation, the employee may submit a rebuttal statement within 30 days of receipt of the evaluation. The rebuttal statement shall be attached to the Performance Evaluation in the employee’s personnel file.