Kapila Rohan Attele

Kapila Rohan Attele 


Contact Information
Email: kattele@csu.edu
Office: HWH - Room 239
ORCID ID 0000-0001-7565-5384
Ph.D.: Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
1983, Speciality: Several Complex Variables, Operator Theory
B.Sc: University of Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Special Degree, Mathematics, 1978 Sri Lanka



  • 2022 July-   Present: Professor of Mathematics, Department of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences, Chicago State University, Chicago, Illinois.
  • 2007 July-2022 June Professor of Mathematics and Chair, Department of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences, Chicago State University, Chicago, Illinois.
  • 1998 January-2007 June, Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/ Professor Department of Mathematics, Chicago State University, Chicago, Illinois.

Publications and Other Creative Work

  1. Best Practices in U.S.-India Higher Education Partnerships, Partnership 2020 Quarterly Newsletter, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Vol 1, Issue 3, July–September 2020.
  2. A Gr ̈obner Basis Solution for Lightning Ground Flash Fraction Retrieval, Richard Solakiewicz, Rohan Attele, William Koshak. Conference Paper, NTRS–NASA Technical Reports Server, Doc ument ID 20120002642, publication date October 20, 2011.
  3. Mathematical Biology and Computational Algebra at the Sophomore Level, with Dan Hrozencik, MAA (Mathematical Association of America) Volumes on BioMath, 2010.
  4. Joint Isometric Complements, with Arthur Lubin, Integral Equations and Operator Theory, 28(1997), 125-132.
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  14. Multipliers of Bergman spaces, Doctoral Dissertation, Michigan State University, 1983.

Editor/ Conference Proceedings

  1. Emerging Trends in Electrical, Communication, and Information Technologies, Proceedings of ICECIT-2015, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 394, Springer, Kapila Rohan At- tele, Amith Kumar, V. Sankar, N.V. Rao, T. Hitendra Sarma Editors.
  2. Proceedings of the Kandy Colloquium on Solid State Physics, 1986, with K. Tennakoon and L. Dissanayaka, Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
  3. Proceedings of the Kandy Colloquium on Number Theory, 1985 with L. Dissanayaka, Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Doctoral Dissertation Committees Served as an External Examiner

  1. Lakshmi Gogulamudi, Acharya Nagarjuna University, 2020, An Efficient Image Thresholding Based Segmentation Model for Shrimp White Spot Detection, Committee Chair: Dr. B. Raja Srinivasa Reddy.
  2. Naga Gopi Raju Vullam, JNTUK (Vijayanagaram), Trust based dispersive randomize routing algorithm in a large scale sensor networks, September 2019, Committee Chair: Dr. A S N Chakravarthy. 

Grants from 2012–2022

  1. CSU PI of the NSF MCDC data science grant with Northwestern University (the principle partner).
  2. National Science Foundation SMARTER grant, 2008-2012, PI, $506,000. This was my third grant in CSEMs, STEM, S-STEM.
  3. Obama–Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative grant (1 April 2015-31 March 2018), $250,000, PI.
  4. Minority Retirement Security, Department of Education, $565,000 for 5 years, 2013-2018, PI 

Arranging High Profile Visits to Promote Program Branding–a sample collection

Meetings with US Consul Generals: The first meeting in 22 July 2011 with the then CG in HYD. She is the one who made us aware of the great potential in collaborating with the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Kakinada (JNTUK). 

US-India Education Summit, 13 October 2011: Interacted with the State Department in order for the then dean of CAS to attend the US–India Education Summit in Washington DC.

MoU with JNTU-Kakinada: The first MoU was established on 21 December 2012. It has been renewed several times. The Obama-Singh grant is signature achievement of the MoU. Three Vice Chancellors have visited CSU under the MoU; numerous faculty visits between the two institutions have been supported.

Audiences with the Chief Ministers

Visit to CSU, Ajay Mishra, 12 Nov. 2013: Arrange the CSU visit of the then Principal Sec-retary of Education and Commissioner of Technical Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh (AP), to meet with faculty, Provost and President. The agenda included the Obama–Singh grant proposal, Twining MS degree in Computer Science, Updates to technology infrastructure of CSU, Community College Development in AP, Role of HBCUs in the US–India Higher Education Dialogue. Reciprocally, we have visited the Principal Secretaries; especially, Sumita Dawra who was keen on developing CSU relations.

Visited the University Grants Commission, New Delhi: UGC, 11:30 AM, 9 April 2014. With the dean CAS, and representative JNTUK, met the the Joint Secretary to apply for Obama-Singh grant.

This visit was pursuant to the visit of the CSU President’s Chief of Staff to New Delhi to meet with the Hon. Pallam Raju, Minister of Human Resource Development, to discuss an application for an Obama-Singh grant. The Minister wrote a letter of support to the US-India Education Foundation, USIEF, for our grant.

Visits of VC/JNTUK to CSU: Vice Chancellor Tulasi Ram Das visited CSU on 25 July 2013. Every one of his successors have visited with us.

MoU with JNTU-Anantapur: On 10 Feb 2015 our MoU with JNTU-Anatapur was inaugurated by the Hon. Nandamuri Balakrishna, senior member of the then Chandra Babu Naidu Government of Andra Pradesh under the general theme The South–South Dialogue: A Confluence of Political, Economical, Education Forces. The event was highly publicised in the print and electronic media.

MoU with Telangana University and audience with the CM: On March 2015, MoU with Telangana University was written with the active encouragement of the Hon. Kavitha Kalvakuntla, the then Member of Parliament, Nizamabad. The Hon. MP visited CSU on 05 July 2016. The then Registrar (provost) of the University, Dr. Limbadri Rikka, ‘shadowed’ the Provost in Octo- ber 2016. We have sustained long-term relations with Dr. Limbadri who is now the Chairman of the Higher Education Council of the State of Telangana. He facilitated our hosting of the Vice Chancellors of Osmania university in April 2017 and May 2022.

Pursuant to the signing of the MoU, we met with the Right Hon. Chief Minister of the Telangana State, Kalvakuntla Chandra Sekhar Rao to apprise him of the MoU and Chicago State University. Hold US-India cultural events: Over the years numerous cultural/sport events (such as cricket games) were held to promote good will between Indian and American students. Arranged hon- ouring of CSU President Wayne Watson by the Fourth America–Telugu Sambaralu, Anaheim,

California, 2 July 2015 for his contributions for educating underserved communities. Gandhi-King celebrations: With the active participation of the UC Consulate in HYD, the Gandhi-King celebrations was held in 24 February 2017 at the TSWRIES (the largest educational dedicated to the educational progress of marginalized communities) in Hyderabad.

Hold international webinars to promote student recruitment

Latest was held in April 2022 in which 160 students from JNTUK, Andra Pradesh, India and affiliated colleges attended. In addition, I have served as a panellist in every Graduate School’s international student Open House webinars. 

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