Dr. Sabita Busch
Dr.Sabita Busch

Name: Dr.Sabita Busch
Dept: Nursing
Office : BHS 230
Telephone: 995-3929
Email: sbusch@csu.edu
Years at CSU: 10 yrs
Years on Senate : 2 yrs
Research Interest: Women's health issues
Favorite pasttimes: Geography, Politics & Cricket

Margaret Angela KellyMargaret Angela Kelly

Name: Margaret Angela Kelly
Dept: Elementary Education
Office : ED 210
Telephone r: 995-2351
Email: makelly@csu.edu
Years at CSU: 5
Years on Senate: 3
Reserach/Teaching Interests: Curriculum, instruction, classroom management
Personal info: Born in Ireland!
Elizabeth Wittbrodt
Elizabeth Wittbrodt

Name: Elizabeth Wittbrodt
Dept: Occupational Therapy
Office : LIB 132-H
Telephone: 995-2530
Email: ewittbro@csu.edu
Years at CSU: 18
Years on Senate: 8
Reserach/Teaching Interests: Alternative medicine, Geriatric quality of life
Personal info: My personal goal is not to become a woman of "success," but a woman of "value"
Favorite saying: "Absence diminishes small loves and increases gret ones, as the wind blows out the candle and blows up the bonfire." -Francois de La Rouchefoucauld

Devi Prasad V. Potluri
Devi Prasad V. Potluri

Name: Devi Prasad V. Potluri
Dept: Biological Sciences
Office : SCI 262
Telephone : 773 995 2199
email: vpotluri@csu.edu
Years at CSU: 3
Years on Senate: 3rd
Research: Plant Tissue culture and Biotechnology, Plant Stress Physiology and Biochemistry
Teaching Interests: Biology/Plant Science/Plant Biotechnology /Horticulture

Yan Searcy
Yan Dominic Searcy

Name: Yan Dominic Searcy
Dept: Social Work and Sociology
Office : SCI 234
Telephone : 773-995-2364
email: ysearcy@csu.edu
Years at CSU: 12
Years on Senate: 7
Research/Teaching Interests: Child Welfare and Adolescents, Diversity, Social Policy
Personal info: Worked in a women's shoe store in high school.
Favorite saying/motto/movie/song: A Bronx Tale; Godfather 1-3; City of God; Do the Right Thing; Joy Luck Club; Mi Familia (hey, I couldn't choose just one!)

Marian E. Perkins
Marian E. Perkins

Name: Marian E. Perkins, Esq.
Department: Criminal Justice
Office: HWH #325
Telephone: (773) 995-2233
e-mail: mperkins@su.edu or revdrdlp@aol.com
Years at CSU: 7
Years on Senate: 3
Research/ Teaching Interests: Disproportionate Minority Confinement; Women in Prison and Drug Addiction: A Criminal Justice v. Public Health Dilemma
Personal Info: Married to Darrell L. Phillips; we have one daughter
Favorite Saying/ Motto: "Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Every Where" -
Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.
Favorite: Movies: Do the Right Thing; The Wizard of Oz and An Officer and a Gentleman
Favorite Song: What's Going On


Soo Y. Kang
Soo Y. Kang

Name: Soo Y. Kang
Department: Ar and Design
Office Number and location: BHS 211
Telephone Number: 995-3914
Email: skang@csu.edu
Years at CSU: 10
Years on Senate: 3rd year
Research/Teaching Interests: Modern/Contemporary Art; Women artists
Personal info: Just married!
Favorite song: Farewell, My Concubine -Amadeus



Asare Nkansah

Asarae Nkansah


Name: Asare Nkansah
Dept: Chemistry and Physics
Office: WSC 220A
Tel: x4503
email: ankansah@csu.edu
Years at CSU: 3 yrs
Years on Senate: since Sept 2007
Research interest: Development of new polymers for industrial applications
Teaching: Organic chemistry
Favotite saying: Don't stop thinking of and planning for tomorrow
favorite song: Agyatawuo


Athanase Gahungu

Name: Athanase Gahungu
Dept: Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Foundations

Office: Education 231

Telephone: 2009

email: agahungu@csu.edu

Years at CSU:7

Years on Senate: 0

Research/Teaching Interests: employment outcomes of graduates; foreign-born faculty on US campuses

Personal info: Born in Burundi, Africa. Married and father of a daughter and two sons. B.A. in Letters and Social Sciences, University of Burundi; Diploma in English Language Teaching, Leeds University, UK (British Council Scholarship); M.Ed. in Educational Administration, Northern Arizona University (Fulbright Scholarship); Principal Certificate, State of Arizona; Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Northern Arizona University. Outstanding Professor Award, CTC/CSU Alumni Association, 2005; Distinguished Educator Award, College of Education, CSU, 2005; The Global Ambassador Award, CSU, 2004.

Favorite saying/motto/movie/song: Thank God It’s Today!


Sarah Buck's picture

Sarah Buck

Name: Sarah Buck
Dept: Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Office: JDC 220
Telephone : X3651
Email: sbuck@csu.edu
Years at CSU: 1
Years on Senate: just started
Research/Teaching Interests: research effects if physical fitness on cognitive function in children; I teach upper level undergraduate courses and graduate courses in sport psychology, sport sociology, measurement and evaluation, and research methods
Personal info: Ph.D. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Kinesiology
Favorite saying or motto or song or movie: To my students: Proofread!


picture of Kelvin Gilchrist

Kelvin Gilchrist

Name: Kelvin Gilchrist
Dept:Technology and Education
Office:Education Building 213
Telephone : 773-995-2080
Email: kelvingilchrist@gmail.com
Years at CSU: 2
Years on Senate: 2
Research/Teaching Interests:Graphic organizers for at-risk students
Personal info:Love to travel
Favorite saying or motto or song or movie:"let it live"


DR. Felix M. Rivas

Felix M. Rivas

Name: Felix M. Rivas
Dept: Chemistry and Physics
Office : SCI 308
Telephone : 773-995-2299
email: frivas@csu.edu
Years at CSU: 3
Years on Senate: 1
Research/Teaching Interests: Synthesis of natural products with antibacterial activity, design and synthesis of organic molecules as dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Personal info: Born and raised in Puerto Rico, B.S. in Chemistry from University of Puerto Rico, Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Buffalo the State University of New York