Faculty Senate Agenda

APRIL 3, 2012
Academic Library Auditorium

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Review and approval of minutes
  3. Union organization effort
  4. Committee Reports
  • Executive Committee Report
  • Committee Recommendations:

Lecture Series: Gabrielle Toth—Library; Nourou Yakoubu—English

ERG: Sabah Hussein – Pharmacy,  Saidou Mohamed N'Daou - History

  • May Senate Elections
  • 2012 Grand Marshal Nominees:1) Das Janssen,2) Athanase Gahungu, 3)Forrest Hazzard, 4)Aida Abraha, 5)Phil Beverly, 6)Rita Kucera,  (Honors Convocation on April 19th; Commencement on May 17th
  • Tenure Track hiring recommendations
  • Academic Affairs
  • Catalog changes without AA input allegations
  • HLC
  • Add-Hoc Process Committee Clearinghouse update

OPEN agenda setting

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