Undergraduate Curricula

The Department of Military Science offers two programs: the Basic Program and the Advanced Program. The Basic Program is designed for students with little or no prior military experience or college .

Departmental Programs

General Requirements

Admission to the ROTC Program is contingent upon good academic standing and acceptance by the department. The department will not accept transfer grades below a C in military science or related supportive courses.

Course Offerings

108 Introduction to Military Science (1)

109 Fundamentals of Leadership and Organizational Planning (1)

120 Land Navigation and Orienteering (1)

130 Operations Planning and Decision Making (1)

154 Introduction to Military History (2)

217 Theory and Dynamics of Organizational Leadership (3)

218 Resources Management (3)

250-3 Military Physical Readiness Training (1)

299 Independent Research (1-3)

317 Unit Staff Organization and Decision Theory (2)

318 The Transitional Process: Cadet to Officer (2)