Wellness Center

Wellness CenterThe Wellness/Health Center provides primary health services for CSU students and is a comprehensive health and educational resource for the entire campus community.

The Wellness/Health Center is directed by a full-time Family Nurse Practitioner and assisted by support staff consisting of physicians, registered nurses and other health professionals.

The Wellness/Health Center encourages students, faculty and staff in developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

The Wellness/Health Center works with CSU’s College of Health Sciences to increase health care access to the campus community.




  • provide primary healthcare and wellness programs for all CSU students, faculty and staff.
  • serve as a health consultant and referral source for medical issues.
  • act as a liaison for health issues that affect students, faculty and staff.
  • develop, collaborate, and conduct outreach health programs with the surrounding community.


All students attending Chicago State University, contributing to the health Fee and having a valid CSU Identification Card are eligible to use the Wellness/Health Center.

Additional charges may be assessed for office visits and some services not covered by the Health Insurance – some immunizations, pharmacy, laboratory and office procedures


The Wellness/Health Center is not an emergency department.In the event of an emergency, immediately notify University Police at EXT. 2111 to call for an ambulance! If you are in need of immediate medical attention, the nearest hospitals equipped to handle emergencies are:

Trinity Hospital

2320 East 93rd Street

Chicago, IL 60617

 Phone: (773) 967-2000

Roseland Community Hospital

45 West 111th Street

Chicago, IL 60628

Phone: (773) 995-3000

Wellness Office

Location: Cook ADM 131

Phone: (773) 995-2011

Email: wellness@csu.edu

By appointment only. No walk-ins. Masks required for service.


Wellness/Health Center

9501 S. King Drive / ADM 131

Chicago, IL 60628

Tel: (773) 995-2010

Fax: (773) 995-2953