Faculty and Staff


Chairperson, SharpeDr. Devi Prasad V. Potluri, Ph.D.
Professor of Plant Biology, Chairperson
Banaras Hindu University
Office: SCI-262
Phone: 773-995-2183/2184



Chairperson, SharpeDr. Walid Al-Ghoul, Ph.D.
Professor of Physiology
Rutgers University
Email: walghoul@csu.edu
Office: SCI-290
Phone: 773-995-2443
Dr. Anser AzimDr. Anser Azim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
Central Drug Research Institute
Email: aazim@csu.edu
Office: SCI-293
Phone: 773-995-2440
Dr. Timothy Bell

Dr. Timothy J. Bell, Ph.D.
Professor of Botany
Rutgers University
Email: tbell22@csu.edu
Office: SCI-292
Phone: 773- 995-2442


Dr. Christopher BotangaDr. Christopher Botanga, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Biology
University of Virginia
Email: cbotanga@csu.edu
Office: SCI-274
Phone: 773-995-2437
de la sancha

Dr. Noé U. de la Sancha, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Zoology
Texas Tech University
Email: nde@csu.edu
Office: SCI-294
Phone: 773-995-2423


Dr. Mark ErhartDr. Mark A. Erhart, Ph.D.- Graduate Advisor
Professor of Molecular Biology
University of Illinois at Chicago
Email: ma-erhart@csu.edu
Office: SCI-282
Phone: 773-995-2432
Dr. J. Ache GanaDr. J. Ache Gana, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology
South Dakota State University
Email: jgana@csu.edu
Office: SCI-288
Phone: 773-995-2430
Dr. Rong Lucy HeDr. Rong Lucy He, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
University of Nevada, Reno
Email: rhe@csu.edu
Office: SCI-264
Phone: 773- 995-2201
Dr. Karel JacobsDr. Karel Jacobs, Ph.D.- Teaching Option Advisor
Associate Professor of Biology
University of California at Davis
Email: kjacobs@csu.edu
Office: SCI-266

Phone: 773-995-2338
Dr. Andrew MaselliDr. Andrew Maselli, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
University of Georgia
Email: amaselli@csu.edu
Office: SCI-269
Phone: 773-995-3298
Dr. Eric PetersDr. Eric L. Peters, Ph.D.
Professor of Ecology and Environmental Science
Colorado State University
Email: e-peters@csu.edu
Office: SCI-289
Phone: 773- 995-2421
Dr. Kevin SwierDr. Kevin Swier, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology
University of Chicago.
Email: kswier@csu.edu
Office: SCi-291
Phone: 773-995-2422
Dr. Laurie WalterDr. Laurie R. Walter, Ph.D - Undergraduate Advisor
Associate Professor of Zoology
Yale University
Email: l-walter@csu.edu
Office: SCi-312
Phone: 773-995-2185




Mr. Jimmie Bush

Mr. Jimmie Bush, M.S.
College of Arts and Sciences
Email: jbush@csu.edu
Office: SCI 280
Phone: 773-995-2444

Dr. Nicholas Halm-LutterodtDr. Nicholas Halm-Lutterodt, M.D.
St. George's University School of Medicine
Email: nhalmlut@csu.edu
Office: SCI 283A
Phone: 773-995-2968
Dr. Susan KirtMrs. Susan Kirt-Alterio, M.S.
University of Northern Iowa
Email: skirt@csu.edu
Office: SCI 267A
Phone: 773- 995-2306
Dr. Chao YuDr. Chao Yu, Ph.D
University of Chicago
Email: yubaihe@gmail.com
Office: SCI 117B
Phone: 773-995-2989
khanDr. Imran Ali Khan, M.D.
Hamdard College of Medicine and Dentistry
Email: ikhan20@csu.edu
Office: SCI 265
Phone: 773-995-2275

Dr. Mijung Kim, Ph.D
Ohio State University
Email: mkim23@csu.edu
Office: SCI 268
Phone: 772-995-3765


Dr. Arunachalam Muthaiyan, Ph.D
University of Madras, India
Email: amuthaiy@csu.edu
Office: SCI 265
Phone: 772-995-2275



Emeritus Faculty

Dr. James RastorferDr. James R. Rastorfer, Ph.D
Professor of Botany
Washington State University
Email: jrastorfer@csu.edu
Office: RES-116D
Phone: 773-995-2426


Technical and Support Staff

Dr. Lisa Leftridge

Dr. Lisa Abston-Leftridge, Ph.D
Director Of Pre-Health Professions
Email: labston@csu.edu
Office: SCI-221
Phone: 773-995-3982

emmanuel pratt

Mr. Emmanuel Pratt
Director of Aquaponics Facility
Email: nomadder@gmail.com
Office: Aquaponics Facility 9601 S Cottage Grove
Phone: 773-437-3952

Dr. James RastorferMrs. Kimberly Andrews
Greenhouse Gardener
Email: kandrews@csu.edu
Office: SCI-329
Phone: 773-995-2852
Mrs. Kimberly AndrewsMr. Byeong Gyu Park, M.S.
Lab Support Specialist
Email: bpark@csu.edu
Office: SCI-118
Phone: 773-995-2161
Dr. Ashraf AliDr. Ashraf Ali, M.D
Fluoresence Activated Cell Sorter Specialist
Emai: aali20@csu.edu
Office: SCI - 111A
Phone: 773-995-2031
Mr. Darryl FrazierMr. Darryl Frazier
Animal Lab Technician
Email: dfrazier@csu.edu
Office: SCI-222
Phone: 773-995-2001
Denise PatrickMs. Denise Patrick
Aquaponics Laboratory Specialist
Email: dpatrick915@hotmail.com
Office: Aquaponics Facility 9601 S Cottage Grove
Phone: 773-437-3952


Office Staff

Pamela SimsMs. Pamela Sims
Administrative Aide
Email: psims@csu.edu
Office: SCI 310
Phone: 773-995-2183
Mrs. Kimberly AndrewsMs. Patricia Moore (Prehealth)
Office Support Specialist
Email: pmoore21@csu.edu
Office: SCI 221
Phone: 773-995-3981
Ms. Indyia Taylor

Ms. Indyia Taylor
Program Service Aide
Email: Itaylo23@csu.edu
Office: SCI 310
Phone: 773-995-2184