Chicago State University


CSU Does the Hustle up the Hancock

Chicago State University students, professors and their friends and families participated in the recent 2014 Hustle up the Hancock event to raise funds for the Respiratory Health Association. The Association funds research projects and advocacy in lung disease.

There were 3,000 participants and twenty-five teams. Team CSU ranked 6 of 25 and Abidemi Charles won in her age category. Abi ran up 54 floors in 8 min. and 36 sec. GO COUGARS!!!!

Members of the CSU Family who participated included:

Abidemi CharlesCSU Does the Hustle up the Hancock

Aida Abraha

Andrea Hale

Ike Carter

Kristy Mardis

Lisa Anyanele

Lisa Leftridge

Terrence Leftridge

Octavius Bellamy, Jr

Melody Jones

Aaron Thompson

Marsha Eaglin

Teneisha Parker

Yvonne Freeman

Leniseal Wadley

Chelisa Gilbert

Abena Asante

Thanks to everyone for representing CSU!