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The contest was judged by art critic, writer and photographer Kevin Nance. Mr. Nance has written for the Chicago Sun-Times, Poets and Writers Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Art in America, Washington Post, Art and Auction and Chicago Gallery News.

The winners and participants are: 

  • Jelisa Davis, FIRST PRIZE
  • Eugene Longino, SECOND PRIZE
  • Melissa Anthony, THIRD PRIZE and Honorable Mention
  • Arnoldo Alcala
  • Biance Alebiosu, Honorable Mention
  • Ashley Allen
  • Shannell Butler
  • Deborah Culbreth
  • Rubin L. Dean, Jr.
  • Clive Gahungu
  • Doretha M. Cole Jackson
  • Amalia Kimbrough
  • Stanford Lewis
  • Nicole Malcolm
  • Jeffery Nash
  • Izola Wright, Honorable Mention
  • Chinwe Uduko