Request a Community Project

All community members are encouraged to submit community based research and GIS mapping project requests.

Project requests are reviewed monthly by the CSU community-based research and mapping advisory committee. Successful requests demonstrate societal benefit. Projects from the immediate CSU area are given priority, but all Chicago-area organizations are welcome to apply for assistance. All other things being equal, projects are undertaken on a first come, first served basis. You will be contacted to confirm receipt of your request and for clarifications, if needed.

Briefly (1-2 paragraphs or bulleted statements) address the below questions to the best of your ability. If you are unsure about the specifics of your request, contact us first so we can talk through your ideas before submitting a request.

Organization or Affiliation:
Phone Number:

Briefly describe your organization or group's mission and goals

Describe the need or problem that you would like to address with the assistance of the Neighborhood Assistance Center or the Institute for Youth and Community. Explain how you determined this need.

Describe the project objectives as you currently envision them. Describe how the specific work requested will contribute to the project. Note that the Neighborhood Assistance Center and Institute for Youth and Community focus on social science research and mapping. If you are uncertain of the link between social science and mapping and your project, we can help determine this.

Describe the information and data needed to undertake this project and whether the information already exists. If new information and data must be created or collected for this project, describe how you think the information can be obtained or created

Describe the target population, or the project's beneficiaries. Please be as specific as possible about the demographic composition of this population: age, gender, diversity, income, disability, neighborhood or community location, etc.

Explain the project's expected outcomes and how the results will be used

If the proposed project entails a collaboration, please list the collaborative partners and the nature of the collaboration (i.e. who will take responsibility for what and/or how the project results will be used by the various partners)

Provide the timeline associated with the project. When would you like the Neighborhood Assistance Center and/or the Institute for Youth and Community to begin working with you and when do you anticipate completing the project?