The Department of Criminal Justice, Philosophy, and Political Science offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies and a minor sequence in International Studies for students majoring in other disciplines.

All program majors must complete assessment requirements, which may be found on the program webpages.

The International Studies program goals are to provide students with an understanding of international issues and problems; to extend skills needed to engage the global community in a variety of careers and from a variety of perspectives; to provide knowledge of basic forms of international behavior and interaction, based upon student interests

A major or minor degree in International Studies at Chicago State can enable the student better to compete on an equal footing with peers in our ever-growing global society.  A student with knowledge of International Studies is better-positioned for entry-level positions in the foreign and diplomatic and intelligence services of national and international governments and organizations.  The U.S. State Department, the Peace Corps, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization are some of the first-level employment institutions that value students with knowledge of our global society and its dynamics in relation to national and local contexts.

My name is Tamerat Beyene. I am a Spring 2012 graduate in International Studies from Chicago State University. Chicago State University provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the world and gain a deeper understanding of international studies. The program provides a variety of study abroad opportunities, and as a graduate student, I would certainly recommend it to any student who wants to major in this field. This program allows the student to choose an area of focus based on his/her interests through multiple departments. The International Studies Program has inspired me to continue my graduate education. The staff and faculty are helpful and insightful, and they have always been there for me. Thank you, Dr. Rowan!.