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Summer 2012 registration will be done via CSU X-Press only.

Instructions for Registering on the Web
Dropping Classes on the Web
Undergraduate / Graduate Students
Registration Dates
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Summer at-Large Students

Instructions for Registering on the Web

  1. Contact your academic advisor for advisement on course registration and to obtain your current registration advising PIN (RAP).
  2. On the Chicago State University home page,, click "CougarConnect."
  3. Log in using your CSU email user name and email password. Then click the "Home" tab.
  4. Click "CSU X-Press Menu", "Student Menu," then click "Registration Agreement."
  5. Click "Term Selection" and select correct term i.e., Summer 2012. Click "Submit."
  6. Click "‘Add/Drop Classes". You will be prompted to enter an alternate PIN. Type in the six-digit Registration Advising PIN (RAP) number that was given by your advisor.
  7. Scroll down. Type in one five-digit course reference number (CRN) in each box for each course in which you wish to enroll. After you have typed a CRN for each course, click "‘Submit Changes".
  8. Your courses will appear. Check to see if the subjects, course numbers and sections are correct. If all of the classes you submitted CRN’s for do not appear, scroll down for error messages. Correct time conflicts or closed classes by typing in another section of the course. Depending upon the error message, you may have to go back to your advisor for an override. Click "Submit Changes" again. Check to make sure all information is correct and there are no error messages. If there are no errors, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Complete Your Registration." Scroll down to view your charges. Print this page for your records.  If there are no charges on the page, you did not register successfully. Go back to Add/Drop Classes and try again. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click " Detail Schedule" and print this page for your records.
  9. If you are paying by MasterCard, VISA, Discover or check, you can call the Cashier’s Office at 773-995-2029, to pay by phone.
  10. If you plan to pay with cash, your payment must be received in the Cashier’s Office before the deadline date noted on the Web or published in the Class Schedule Bulletin.

Dropping Classes on the Web

Follow instructions 1-5 above. On the Add/Drop Classes page, click the arrow under "Action" next to the course you wish to drop.  The word NONE will be next to the arrow. Click "Drop Web." Do this for each course you wish to drop. If you wish to add a class to replace the class you are dropping, type in the five-digit Course Reference Number (CRN) of the course you wish to add in one of the boxes at the bottom of the screen and click " Submit Changes." Scroll down and check for error messages.

If you have errors, click "Submit Changes" again and then type in another CRN.  After you have selected your courses with no error messages, click "Complete Your Registration" at the bottom of the page.

Note: You will not be allowed to drop your last class online. If you have not validated your classes (received a business receipt), you will have to submit a withdrawal form to the registrar’s office, signed by all appropriate parties. If you have not validated your classes, contact the Office of the Registrar, ADM 128, to have your last class dropped.

Undergraduate / Graduate Students

Continuing Students

(Those who have attended at least one term since Summer 2010)
Currently enrolled students who have been accepted as candidates for the Bachelor’s/Graduate degree: use your Summer 2012 RAP (registration advising PIN) provided during your advisement session to register via CSU X-Press.

New Students

If you have never attended Chicago State University and you are seeking a degree, you must be admitted. Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions is located in ADM 126. After you have been admitted, you must be advised. Your advisor will provide you with your Summer 2012 RAP (registration advising PIN) to access the CSU X-Press web registration system.

Returning Students

Undergraduates who have not attended since the Summer 2010 and who were in good standing their last term must file an application for readmission in the Office of the Registrar, ADM 128. Undergraduates must submit transcripts covering all college courses completed since withdrawal from Chicago State University.

Undergraduate students who were dropped from the University, or who were not in good academic standing at the time of withdrawal, should submit to the Office of the Registrar, ADM 128, an academic petition form for reinstatement. Students seeking reinstatement must submit transcripts covering all college courses completed since withdrawal. The letter of acceptance issued by the director of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will serve as authorization to register. Summer 2012 deadline: May 1, 2012.

Master’s degree candidates in good academic standing, who have not exceeded the time limit to complete the degree and who have not registered since the Summer 2010, must file an application for readmission with the Office of Admissions (ADM 126), and obtain reentry approval from the academic department supervising the degree program. Graduate students who have exceeded the time limit for completing the degree must petition the Council of Graduate and Professional Studies at CSU for reentry into their program. The Council of Graduate and Professional Studies normally meets the second Tuesday of each month.

You must be advised before you register. Your advisor will give you a Summer RAP (registration advising PIN) for use with the CSU X-Press web registration. See the Quick Reference Guide for a list of departments.

Summer At-large Students

A student who has not been admitted to degree status at CSU may enroll for summer session courses on a non-degree basis as a summer at-large student. To enroll for summer session courses, complete the one-page
application form in the back of this bulletin. Undergraduates must submit the application to the Undergraduate Admissions Office, ADM 200, 773-995-2513 and present evidence of good academic standing at the current or last attended college or university. Evidence of good standing can be supplied by having the summer at-large application form validated by a college or university official or by presenting a current transcript or grade report to the Undergraduate Admissions office. At-large students are eligible to register online through the CSU X-Press web registration system without a registration advising PIN (RAP).

Summer graduate-at-large students must complete the one-page application in back of the Summer 2011 Class Schedule Bulletin and submit the application with proof of a Bachelor’s degree to the School of Graduate and Professional Studies, LIB 234, 773-995-2404. The Graduate School Office will provide registration information. Graduate at-large students are eligible to register online through the CSU X-Press web registration system without a registration advising PIN (RAP).

If transcripts for CSU summer session coursework are required for home institutions, students must submit a request in the Office of the Registrar, ADM 128, or on the Registrar’s Web page, Transcripts are $5.00 per copy if mailed, $7.25 per copy when requested online and $10.00 per copy for issuance over-the-counter.


All degree seeking students are REQUIRED to be advised prior to their registration. Advisors will give the RAP to a student after the advisement session.

Summer at-large undergraduate students (USUM) do not need a RAP to register through the CSU X-press Web registration system. Master’s degree candidates and graduate certificate students must be advised by the department supervising the program to which they have been admitted. Registration advising PINs (RAPs) are distributed by graduate advisors.

Graduate at-large students (GSAL, GSUM) do not need a RAP to register through the CSU X-Press Web registration system. However, special permission is required for at-large students to enroll in any 5000-level or higher graduate course. Students registering via the Web must obtain academic departmental approval prior to attempting to register for these or any other restricted course.

Students should note that the time for advisement is not during registration. To speed up your registration, have your schedule prepared with alternative courses to take if certain courses are closed.

Student Registration Responsibility

It is the responsibility of each student to enter the proper course reference number on all registration transactions. A student should only register for advised courses. Abuse of the Web registration system may result in your courses being dropped by request o the department chairperson or the instructor of the course.

You are responsible for making a payment and obtaining a receipt for payment on your account by the published date, and at the time of registration and before payment due dates, even if your account is being paid through a grant, scholarship, loan or another party.

If an admitted student presents unofficial transcripts as a basis for advising, the student is responsible for any consequences related to course selection, registration and academic progress based upon the unofficial transcripts.

University Holds

Students with financial or certain academic holds may not register until a release is processed by the department that initiated the hold. Clear your hold(s) before your scheduled registration date.

Registration Information

Registration day and time are determined by your classification code.

First term Freshman(1)0-14
Second term Freshman(2)15-29
First term Sophomore(3)30-44
Second term Sophomore(4)45-59
First term Junior(5)60-74
Second term Junior(6)75-89
First term Senior(7)90-104
Second term Senior(8)105-119
Senior 120+ hours(9)120+
Second Bachelor’s Degree(J)120+

Web Registration / CSU X-PRESS

7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
You must be advised and use your Summer RAP (registration advising pin) to Web register.

Registration Dates
April 2 - May 29Advance Summer 2012 web registration
May 29Last date to register for classes starting the week of May 29
May 30 - July 2Web registration continues for classes starting the week of July 2
July 2Last date to register for classes starting the week of July 2

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