Summer 2008 Student Financial Aid

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Applications for Summer Financial Aid will be available on the Office of Student Financial Aid website beginning April 1, 2008. Every student who intends to enroll in courses for Summer 2008 must submit an application.

NOTE: Application Deadline: June 6, 2008.

Students planning to attend summer school must notify the Office of Student Financial Aid of their registration intentions. The notification should indicate the following: 1) number of hours for which you expect to enroll in the summer; 2) whether you will require a loan or have remaining Pell grant eligibility. Students with existing 2007- 2008 Pell grants should check with the Office of Student Financial Aid to determine what amount, if any, of their Pell entitlement they may apply toward the summer session.

Students needing Stafford Loans for summer must submit a new loan application to the Office of Student Financial Aid no later than June 6, 2008.

Summer Enrollment Equivalents

Undergrad / 2nd Bach / Tchr CertGraduate (Master's/Doctorate)
9 credit hours = full time5 credit hours = full time
7 credit hours = 3/4 time3 credit hours = 1/2 time
5 credit hours = 1/2 time 

Students selected for verification by the U.S. Department of Education, or the University, will be required to provide requested documentation before their financial aid awards can be processed.

Students may review their financial aid status at any time on the CSU X-Press website. This website provides students with information relating to the amount of their financial aid awards, if any, as well as informing them of any requirements that they might need to fulfill, such as, but not limited to, submitting verification documents, tax forms, SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) petitions, etc., before their financial aid package may be finalized.

The Office of Student Financial Aid no longer mails document tracking and award letters to continuing students. Instead, students are notified via e-mail that they should go to the CSU X-press website to review their status.

Students must be in good academic standing and making satisfactory progress in order to continually receive Federal Title IV Financial Aid. (Please see published guidelines in the Financial Assistance section of Chicago State University catalog, or on the Financial Aid section of the CSU website).

For detailed financial aid information, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid. Students not showing billable hours are not eligible for financial assistance.

Note: Special students (At-Large, conditionally admitted Graduate students, or students enrolled in contract courses) are not eligible for state or federal financial assistance. There will be no consortium agreements for the Summer 2008 term.

Stay in touch with...
CSU’s Website, E-mail and CSU X-Press
All information provided in this Bulletin is subject to change. Any changes and/or modifications will be reflected on the Office of Student Financial Aid website. It is the student’s responsibility to keep informed as to issues affecting their financial aid eligibility. Students should regularly monitor e-mail correspondence (especially from the Office of Student Financial Aid), access the Office of Student Financial Aid’s website and check their status on the CSU X-Press website.

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