Fall 2009 Fee & Payment Information

(ADM 211  • 773-995-2470)

Note: Click here for updated tuition and fee rates for the Fall 2009 term as of July 9, 2009.  Please contact the Office of Financial Affairs for more information at (773) 995-2470.

The assessment of tuition and fees will be made prior to the onset of classes.  Students will be provided a bill reflecting tuition and fees as soon as this information becomes available. Tuition and mandatory fees are subject to change. Course fees and payment policies are administered by the Office of Financial Affairs.  For more information, contact the Office of Financial Affairs at (7730 995-2470.

What is validation?
Validation is any form of payment in the following manner:
• Cash
• Check /money order
• Charge
• Third party letter (outside agency)
• Financial aid waiver

What does validation do for a student?

  • Validation locks students into their classes so that they will not be dropped unless the student or instructor does so.
  • Every student should formally withdraw if he or she is not going to attend the university.
  • If you have already validated with cash, check, charge, third party letter or a financial aid waiver, your class(es) will not be dropped. If you make a payment to your account for parking, library fines, meal plans, or any other items for the current term, your classes for that term will not be dropped.

Calculate Your Tuition
Fall 2009 Four Year Guaranteed Tuition Plan
Important Information
Fall 2009 Payment Policy
Fall 2009 Tuition Management Services (TMS) Monthly Payment Planner

Calculate Your Tuition

This formula shows how to tabulate your tuition charges.
• On-Campus: (Total number of credit hours selected) x (tuition per credit hour) + (fees applicable to your total credit hours) = your tuition.

• Off -Campus: (Total number of credit hours selected) x (tuition per credit hour) = your tuition.

Distance Learning:(Total number of credit hours selected) x (tuition per credit hour) + $50 distance learning fee = your tuition.

NOTE: Some courses carry additional fees. These fees are not included in the tuition and mandatory fee information. The list of courses with additional fees is in the back of this bulletin .

Mandatory Fees

Mandatory fees apply to all on-campus students and students with combination off-campus and on-campus schedules regardless of student level or residency status.

Any combination of extension or distance learning courses and on-campus courses will have mandatory fees charged.

Four-Year Guaranteed Tuition Plan

The “Truth in Tuition” bill mandates that Illinois public universities provide four years of level tuition for new students enrolling for the first time beginning with the fall 2004-2005 academic year.  Undergraduate and transfer students enrolling at CSU for the first time after fall 2004 and students who enroll for the first time every semester  beginning Fall 2004-2005 and thereafter will maintain the same tuition rate for four consecutive years, or until the student reaches 120 credit hours. The hours will be extended to accommodate any majors or programs that exceed the 120 hours or four years. The guaranteed rate will remain in effect, except in the event of a break in enrollment of more than one year (two semesters, excluding summer school). In no case will the initial guaranteed rate be valid beyond five years of total enrollment. A tuition surcharge of 10% will be assessed for students whot extend beyond the four-year guarantee period (120 credit hours) or five years of total enrollment. For all other students, CSU’s current tuition program will remain in effect.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A change in major will not affect the guaranteed rate. That rate will continue for the number of credit hours necessary to complete the new major, not to exceed five years of total enrollment. Beyond five years of total enrollment, a 10% surcharge will be assessed.

Extended illness and military service will be given special consideration. The rate guarantee will be extended on a case-by-case basis through the student appeal process.

Transfer student rates will be guaranteed based upon 120 credit hours less the number of credits transferred at the time of first enrollment. All extensions and exceptions that apply to new freshmen will be extended to new transfer students.

Credit Hour Pricing
Beginning with the fall 2004-2005 academic year, tuition and mandatory fees will be charged on a per credit hour basis up to 15 hours. This 15 credit hour cap will allow students to complete 120 credit hours in eight semesters or four years. Credit hours exceeding 15 will be charged at the rate for 15 credit hours.

Out-of-State Undergraduate Tuition
Undergraduate out-of-state (non- Illinois resident) per credit hour tuition is twice the resident per credit hour tuition. The Four Year Guaranteed Tuition Plan is extended to all undergraduate out-of-state new freshmen and transfer students.

Out-of-State Graduate Tuition Rates
Graduate out-of-state (non-Illinois resident) per credit hour tuition is twice the resident per credit hour tuition.

Important Information

Students who fail to pay their tuition by the due date will be withdrawn from their classes! To be reinstated, you must pay a fee of $100 plus your full tuition! Pay on or before the date to avoid the penalty!

NOTE: the late registration fee is $100!
Register on time! Avoid the late registration fee!

Miscellaneous Fees
Admission Application (Graduate)$25
Admission Application (Undergraduate)$25
Application (International)$30
Bursar Reinstatement (See withdrawal policy)$100
CollectionActual Cost
Deferred TuitionPer payment plan
Distance Learning Fee (per course)$50
Extension Courses Fee (per credit hour)$25
Finance Charge on Unpaid Balance1.5% per month
Graduation Application / Graduate$25
Graduation Application / Undergraduate$25
Immunization Non-Compliance$25
Late Placement Testing$15
Late Payment$25
Late Registration$100
Lost ID Card$20
Special Exam$10
Transcript via mail (per copy)$5
Transcript over the counter (per copy)$10
Written Verification of Enrollment$4

CTA monthly and weekly passes (through your financial aid).
• Catalogs $3. (Grad/Undergrad), pay by cash, check, charge, or debit card.
• Game Room Fun Pass, pay by cash, check, charge, or debit card.
• Meal plans (through your financial aid).
• Stamps (book of 10 /$4.20) pay by cash, check, charge, or debit card.

Payment and Refund Policy

No registration transaction is complete until the Business Office has processed the transaction and the student has been issued a printed receipt. If you register online, please confirm your registration by obtaining a paid receipt for your fall registration at the cashier’s office. All students registering for fall must get a receipt for their first installment.

1. Students who have outstanding debts at Chicago State University will not be permitted to register until those debts have been paid.

2. Discover, MasterCard, TeleCheck, VISA, cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, certified checks, personal checks and traveler’s checks will be accepted for tuition and fees. ECAP also provides electronic check approval that takes funds from your checking account within 48 hours of the time the check is written to CSU. Business checks will not be accepted.

3. Students who have presented two NSF (not sufficient funds) checks to the university, even though restitution has been made, will be required to pay for their registration with cash, money orders, certified checks, traveler’s checks, Master Card, VISA or Discover. Business checks will not be accepted.

4. Fall 2009 business validation/payment date deadlines:

Advance RegistrationApril 27 - July 29Payment Deadline: July 30
Regular RegistrationAugust 3 - 19Payment Deadline: September 10
Regular RegistrationAugust 22 - 23Payment Deadline: September 10
Late RegistrationAugust 24-25Payment Deadline: September 10

5. Installment Payment Option
A. Eligible: All Illinois resident students registering for six (6) or more hours during advance, regular and late registration.

B . Non -eligible : Students who have tuition and fee charges that amount to less than the required deposit, due to financial aid credits, are not eligible. Students registering for less than six (6) hours are not eligible.

C. Tuition Management Installment Plan: Chicago State University offers an interest-free monthly payment plan to distribute your education expenses over time instead of one large payment. For more information, or to enroll, call 1(800) 722-4867 (TMS/ 24 hours a day) and speak with an education payment counselor or log onto www.csu.edu/. Or, you can log on directly to Tuition Management Systems at www.afford.com. Only students enrolling for three (3) credit hours or more are allowed to use the Tuition Management Installment Plan. Students using the installment payment option are required to make an initial payment at the time of registration or by the payment deadline date of September 10, 2009. Please remember your initial deposit must go to Chicago State University or your registration will be cancelled. The enrollment fee for using the installment plan varies according to the number of payments in your plan. Whether or not you are on the installment plan with TMS, you will still pay the deferred fee amount if tuition is not paid in full at the time of registration. The deferred fee is non-refundable.

Tuition Management Services (TMS) Monthly Payment Planner
Fall Plans Payment Due Dates Enrollment Fee
Five (5) paymentsJune 1 - November 5$35
Four (4) paymentsJuly 1 - November 5$40
Three (3) paymentsAugust 1 - November 5$45
Two (2) paymentsSeptember 1 - November 5$50

Deferred Payment Amount

Full-Time Student          $631.00

Part-Time Student         $415.00

Pay On-Line via the WEB!
Register and pay your bill online!  Visit www.csu.edu, then click 'CSU X-Press.'  Enter the secure area to reach the log in prompt. Enter your User ID (University ID Number) and your PAC number, then click 'Login.' At the next prompt, click 'Student Services and Financial Aid.' You will then click ' Student Records.' followed by 'On-Line Payments.'

1. Refunds
The service fee is non-refundable; the down payment is refundable in accordance with the University refund policy. Selecting the installment payment option cannot extend the refund period. Final payment is due on withdrawals after the refund period.

2. Final Payment
Partial or complete payment will be accepted at any time; however, the total balance must be paid according to your TMS payment plan, to avoid any additional charges. Final payment is due November 5, 2009.

3. Default / failure to make a complete payment on time:
Failure to make payment according to your payment plan will cause payment default and a $25 delinquent fee will be assessed each semester that the balance is outstanding. In addition, a hold will be placed on your academic record and you will not be permitted to register for subsequent terms until the balance is paid in full.

4. Your Financial Responsibilities
If you fail to meet the terms of your installment payment agreement, you will not be eligible for academic credit for enrolled courses. In addition, Chicago State University may report your account to the credit bureau, place your  student account with an outside collection agency and assign the account to the State of Illinois Off-Set System. It is further understood that all reasonable collection costs, fees or legal expenses incurred by Chicago State University and any outside agency in securing payment is your responsibility. These fees could range from 25% to 50% of your unpaid balance.

NOTE:Chicago State University is under no obligation to send individual bills to students. Reminder notices will be placed in university publications.

Refund Policy
1. Partial refund (less than 12 hours): A partial reversal of tuition and refundable fee charges will be made to the accounts of students who reduce their credit hour load below 12 semester hours during the period beginning August 24, 2009 and ending September 8, 2009.

2. A 100% refund upon complete withdrawal: A total reversal of tuition and refundable fee charges will be made upon complete formal withdrawal from the university during the period beginning August 24, 2009 and ending September 8, 2009.

3. A 50% refund upon complete withdrawal: A 50% reversal of tuition and refundable fee charges will be made upon complete formal withdrawal from the university during the period beginning September 9, 2009 and ending September 21, 2009.

NOTE: Actual refund amount may vary depending on factors such as deferred payment option and financial aid award reductions. Refund checks are mailed. Please allow four to six weeks for processing from the final refund date of September 21, 2009.

Policy on Returned Checks
All checks are processed through TeleCheck Any returned check will incur a $20 Chicago State University return check fee and a $25 fee payable to TeleCheck for a total of $45. If you reimburse Chicago State University directly for any check, you will still be assessed the $25 fee by TeleCheck, and an additional $25 delinquent payment fee by Chicago State University.

It is the responsibility of the student to maintain a current address in the Office of Records and Registration (ADM 128).

NOTE: All dates, fees, and charges are subject to change without notice.

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