Through the Options Program, the university offers classes, workshops and seminars covering a wide array of interests for all ages. Included are classes in academics, computers, arts and crafts, business and vocations, dance and fitness, music, personal development, recreation and special courses for mature adults. This service unit offers the opportunity to join an active, creative community of lifelong learners. All classes are non-credit and reasonably priced.

The Program of Choice for Life-Long Learning Options

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Afternoon Yoga

Yoga is a way of living that includes physical exercise, meditation and breathing techniques. During this eight (8) week course, each person works at their own level to increase strength, flexibility and relaxation. One goal is to increase self-awareness and muscle control. Instructor Larry Turner is a retired Licensed Clinical Psychologist and RN who has been practicing /teaching yoga for over 20 yrs. He often used different yoga techniques in his clinical practice and when working with trauma victims. 

Tuesday February 1, 2022 12noon to 12:45pm

Fee: $75

For additional information call 773 995-4466  


South Side Executive Entrepreneurial Training Program

Monday, March 14 to Monday, May 9, 2022

Who can apply?

If you have been in business for at least two years, have $50,000 in annual revenue and at least two employees [including yourself [1099s and part-time employees], then you qualify.

See our flyer for additional information or contact:773-995-4466, or Matthew Howard at 773-916-6549.

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