CSU Social Security Number Information Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What number do I use to log into CSU Express?

You should use your UID # as your User ID for the CSU Express Web access. To assist current students and staff during the initial phase, CSU Express will accept your new UID as well as your social security number. However, only your UID will be visible to you.

How will the university use my social security number?

Chicago State University follows all legal requirements for use of SSNs. The UID system will help to ensure that your SSN is handled in a confidential manner. It will be used for mandated business functions such as tax reporting to federal and state government agencies. It will also be used in conjunction with insurance and retirement programs, student financial aid programs, and other official university business activities as appropriate.

What is the purpose of assigning identification numbers to the university’s students, faculty and staff?

In response to the growing concern by all campus constituents regarding identify theft and the confidentiality of individual Social Security numbers (SSNs) Chicago State University launched a process to assign a unique, non-SSN campus identifier for students, faculty and staff. The University is committed to protecting the privacy of its students, staff and faculty.

Will the university still need my social security number?

Yes. In accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974, the disclosure of your Social Security number to the University is generally voluntary. However, federal and state laws require the University to collect your SSN in order to provide employment and student financial aid.

Students who provide the University with their SSN help to ensure: timely processing of admission applications; the integrity of their student records; timely responses to requests for information after graduation; receipt of all appropriate tax credit for tuition under the Taxpayers Relief Act.

If a student chooses to withhold their SSN at enrollment, but at some later time provides it, for example, to obtain a loan or employment, they increase the risk that a clerical error could ‘disconnect’ their earlier records with their newer records. The student, more than the University, benefits from the submission of his or her Social Security number at the earliest possible time.

Newly hired employees must supply their SSN for state and federal tax and reporting requirements, employee benefit processing (medical insurance, life insurance, retirement), background investigations and payroll processing.

Where will I use my UID number?

Your UID number can be used to access CSU Xpress as well as other university systems that previously required use of your Social Security Number. The unique UID may be used across systems, application and business processes throughout the lifetime of an individual relationship with Chicago State University. The sticker/label that is sent to you with your UID number should be affixed to your current cougar One ID card. In this way, your ID card can still be used as before.

What do I do if I lose or forget my UID number?

Students, faculty and staff with access to CSU Xpress can still enter their SSN to link to their UID number. When the SSN is entered only the UID number will be visible.

Staff without access to CSU Xpress can call Human Resources to obtain their UID number.

Can someone else use my identification number?

The UID number should be treated the same as your SSN. Do not share it with others or leave your ID card where others will have access to your UID number.

Will my identification number appear on my paycheck?

No. Your payroll check will continue to show the last four digits of your social security number.

Will the UID affect my insurance or retirement records?

No. The UID will not be used as an identifying number for reporting to retirement systems or insurance companies. It is still necessary to use SSN for these purposes.

Contact Numbers:

CSU Employees: 773-995-2040
CSU Students: 773-995-2522

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