Program Requirements

Required Courses (6 hours)

WS 2000 Introduction to Women’s Studies

WS 3100 Seminar in Women’s Studies


WS 2990 Special Topics in Women’s Studies

AFAM 2900 Black Women in Africa and the Diaspora

ART 2150 Survey of Women Artists

CJ 4320 Women in Criminal Justice

ENG 4321 Black Women Writers

ENG 4390 Women’s Voices

GEOG 4280 Gender and Development

HIST 4100 Women in the Middle Ages

HIST 4020 History of African American Women

HIST 4390/POL3370 Women in Politics

POL 3380 Women and the Law

PSYC 2200 Psychology of Gender

SOC 2230 Gender & Society

SOC 3230 Women & Social Action

SOC 4300 Sociology of the Black Family

Other Special Topics courses on Women & Gender with the approval of the W&GS Adviser or equivalents from other institutions will be considered. Women & Gender Studies courses may be used to satisfy the College of Arts & Sciences general education requirements.