Table of Roles and Responsibilities

Proposal Preparation OGRA PI Dept. Admin. Chair/Dean
Work with the PI to identify funding sources      
Prepare technical proposal      
Assure that the proposed project is appropriate in nature and scope, and consistent with departmental and institutional mission  
Assure that the proposed project has qualified personnel and adequate space    
Draft an adequate and accurate budget to accomplish the scope of work  
Request and document approval for cost sharing/matching    
Obtain commitment and documentation from external collaborators    
Complete Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) disclosure forms, no later than at the time of submission for federally funded research and/or PHS funding      
Proposal Review and Approval OGRA PI Dept. Admin. Chair/Dean
Coordinate programs where University is restricted in number of allowable submissions  
Provide oversight for sponsored project proposals, including budget review      
Work together to prepare final proposal budget    
Review and approve F&A cost reductions or waivers    
Review and approve requests for costs generally considered to be indirect to be charged as direct costs  
Proposal Submission OGRA PI Dept. Admin. Chair/Dean
Complete final proposal review    
Load proposal to applicable e-submission portal    
Provide authorized institutional signature on all proposals and awards      
Submit all proposals on behalf of the Universityl      
Before Award OGRA PI Dept. Admin. Chair/Dean
Submit Just-in-Time information to sponsor      
Confirm that PI and identified CSU investigators have completed FCOI training    
If the project involves the use of animals or human subjects, obtain side by side review of project narrative and approved protocol    
Insure award document does not contain terms and special conditions to which the University cannot comply
Award OGRA PI Dept. Admin. Chair/Dean
Secure signatures for award acceptance      
Notify appropriate University offices of award      
Post-Award/Closeout OGRA PI Dept. Admin. Chair/Dean
Assure that subrecipients have submitted or will submit all required deliverables, reports, invoices with current approved budget, required budget revision request and approval thereof    
Meet sponsor’s deadline(s) for final reports    
Submit any required final invention report