Preparation of Proposals

The Process begins 2 weeks prior to grant submission with the Faculty member or OGRA first identifying a Proposal Announcement. OGRA sets up the Faculty/PI as project manager in the project workspace in Grants.Gov.

  1. The Grants and Contracts Administrator (GCA) provides the Intent to Submit a Proposal (ISP). It is important that the applicant reads and completes the ISP carefully. Once Faculty/PI completes the ISP and the GCA routed for approval and uploads to Grants.Gov.
  2. If a Subrecipient is identified, the Grants Compliance Specialist (GCS) sends the Subrecipient Commitment Form (SCF) to the Subrecipient for completion 
  3. SCF returns to GCS for review for risk assessment. If GCS determines that the Subrecipient is not eligible, the Faculty/PI is notified and another Subrecipient is identified.
  4. The same occurs for the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), if one is required for the grant proposal or subcontracts.
  5. Once the ISP is fully approved, the GCA send the Subrecipient Commitment Form (SCF) for review by the Associate Vice President. 
  • the official website for government grants in the United States where the majority of public funding opportunities can be found. The federal government's free website is where federal agencies post discretionary funding opportunities and grantees find and apply for them.  It also allows the Office of Grants and Research Administration to quickly set up workspaces for project development with project manager and team.