Grant Activation

This protocol is extremely important since it allows various levels of oversight that flows through the program and the accounting side of Sponsored Programs also known as Office of Grants and Research Administration (OGRA). This allows OGRA to ensure that all of the documentation is accurate and complete. This process begins upon 'official notification ' that the proposal will be funded. This notification is in the form of an Award Notification. The notification is usually received by the President and/or the Grants and Contracts Administrator (GCA) who also serves as the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR), the Principle Investigator/Fiscal Officer and/or the Associate Vice President of Sponsored Programs.

Once this notification is received the GCA prepares an Activation Package which includes the Activation Memorandum (AM) to the Principal Investigator/Fiscal Officer (PI/FO). The GCA works with the (Grants Compliance Specialist) GCS to schedule an orientation meeting with the PI/OF, involved faculty and staff. It is important that administrators of the project are involved and informed of the compliance issues, policies and procedures.

Workflow to the accounting side of Sponsored Programs ensures that fiscal information and calculations are accurate and complete.