Student at Large Steps to Enroll


Students at large are those who are not seeking a degree at Chicago State University but want to take a credit-bearing course. Students may complete up to 30 semester hours as an undergraduate student at large. 

Should I be a student at large? 

You may choose to be a student at large for various reasons including:

  • To transfer credit back to the college where you are seeking a degree
  • To upgrade your job skills
  • To take college classes for pleasure or personal enrichment
  • To try out college before deciding if you want to get a degree

To become a student at large, you should complete the application here and submit a transcript with your cumulative grade point average. 

Note: students at large are not required to take the placement exam, unless they wish to enroll in a higher level English or Math course. 

How to select a class as a student at large:  

  • Visit the Course Scheduling page to view the schedule of classes for the semester. Make a note of the course reference number (CRN) and course name. You are expected to meet any course pre-requisites prior to enrolling. You can view course pre-requisites when you select a course from our dynamic schedule
  • If you need help selecting a class, email our student at large Advisor, Constance Jackson-Upshaw. 
  • If you intend to take a course with the purpose of transferring the credit to another school, you should get permission from an Academic Advisor, Department Chair, or the Registrar at your school. The home institution will determine if the course meets your graduation requirements. 

Register for the course(s) you want to take:  

  • Once you know what course(s) you want to take, go to CSU XPRESSand log in using your CSU ID (a.k.a. your "900#") and password.

NOTE: this password is different from your Moodle or Gmail login!

  • Click Student Menu and "Registration Agreement." Review the Terms of Agreement. 
  • Click Term Selection and pick the relevant term. Click "submit." 
  • Click Add/Drop Classes. Note: students at large do not need a registration Advising PIN. 
  • Scroll down to type in the five-digit course reference number (CRN), one per box, per course. When done, click Submit Changes.
  • Review your selections and check for accuracy. If any CRNs from your search do not appear, scroll down to view error messages and update your schedule (e.g. if a course is closed or you have a schedule conflict). Depending on the error, you may need to get in touch with your Advisor. If there are no errors, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Complete your Registration. Scroll through to view charges. 

NOTE: If there are no charges, your registration was not successful. Go back to Add/Drop Classes and try again.

  • Visit the Bursar page to make payment for your classes. We also accept payment by phone: (773) 995-2470.

How much does it cost to take classes? 

What if I change my mind or my plans change? 

  • Registered students who are not planning to attend must officially withdraw from the University through the Complete Withdrawal request form in CSU X-Press. Refunds and/or tuition and fee reductions are made according to the deadlines on the Academic Calendar and are based on the effective date of withdrawal.  


NOTE: Students at large are not eligible for financial aid or merit scholarship and will not receive an evaluation of previous college credit.