Residency Classification and Guidelines

Residency Determination

The University shall determine the residency status of each student enrolled in the university for the purpose of establishing  whether the student should be assessed in-state or out-of-state tuition.  Each applicant for admission to the university shall submit, at the time of application, evidence for determination of residency.  The Office of Admissions shall make the initial determination of residency status.

Residency Requirements

Adult Students

Adult Students To be considered a resident, an adult student must have been a bona fide resident of Illinois for a period of a least six consecutive months immediately preceding the beginning of any term for which the individual registers at the university and must continue to maintain a bona fide residence in Illinois.  In the case of an adult student who resides with his or her parents, the student will be considered a resident if the parents have established and are maintaining a residence in Illinois.

Minor Students

Minor Students The residency status of a minor student shall be the same of the minor's parents or guardians if they are living together, or if the parents are divorced or separated the residency status of the minor shall be determined by the residency status of the custodial parent.

Emancipated Minors

Emancipated Minors If emancipated minors actually reside in Illinois, such minors shall be considered residents even though their parents or guardians may not reside in Illinois.  Emancipated minors who are completely self-supporting shall be considered residents if they have maintained a dwelling place within Illinois for a period of at least twelve consecutive months.

Residency Status Appeal Procedure

Students who take exception to their residency status classification or need to update their status shall pay the tuition assessed but may file a claim in writing to the Office of the Registrar for reconsideration of the residency determination.  The written claim must be accompanied by at least two of the following documents for verification:
  • Ownership of a valid Illinois Driver License for no less than six months prior to the term
  • Rental Lease Agreement and Rent Receipts in the student's name 
  • Copy of Illinois Tax Return filed for current or previous year
  • Utility bills in the student's name
If the student is granted  a change in residency status, a change in tuition charge shall be applicable during the term in which the reclassification occurs.

Forms for Residency Status Appeal/Change can be obtained in the Office of the Registrar.


Adult Student
A student who is eighteen or more years
Minor student
A student who is less than eighteen years of age.
Emancipated Minor Student
A student who is less than eighteen years of age and is completely self-supporting.  Marriage or active military service shall be regarded as effecting the emancipation of minors, whether male or female, for the purposes of residency classification.
A legal domicile. Neither length of university attendance nor occupancy in Residence Hall shall be construed to be proof of residence.

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