Forms for Faculty

Important note:

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Please print the form, obtain all the signatures required and then submit to the Office of Records and Registration in the Cook Administration Building, Room 128 for processing.  Majority, if not all, forms will not be available at our front counter.

Forms Description

Course Scheduling

The forms listed in this section must be submitted with the appropriate signatures and forwarded to the Office of the Provost for approval.Only the approved form(s) will be processed by the Course Scheduling Unit.
Course Request The Course Request Form is completed for course creation and updates for the new term designated.
Course Authorization The Course Authorization to Change Form is completed for all additions, changes and cancellations for the term designated.
Instructor Change The Instructor Authorization to Change Form is completed for assigned Instructor(s) changes only for the term designated.
Course Adjustment Form After completing this form, print and submit to ADM 128.