Academic Departments
DepartmentTel:(773) 995+ ext.Building/Room
Accounting and Finance3979BHS 435
African American Studies2498DH 210B
Art and Design3984BHS 600
Biological Sciences: Biology, Botany Physiology, and Zoology2183SCI 310
Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Sciences2180SCI 309
Criminal Justice2108HWH 329
Educational Leadership, Curriculum
and Foundations
2086ED 319
Engineering Studies2357HWH 129
English and Communications, Media Arts & Theatre (CMAT)English  -  2189
CMAT  -  2280
SCI 320
DH 116A
Foreign Languages and Literatures2350HWH 301A
Geography, Sociology, Economics and Anthropology2186SCI 321
School of Graduate and Professional Studies2404ADM 200
Health Information Administration2252BHS 424
Health, PE and Recreation Health and Safety, Physical Education, and Recreation2290JDC 216
Health Sciences3961BHS 419
History, Philosophy and Political Science2192SCI 116A
Individualized Curriculum2457JDC-204
Liberal Studies2484SCI 321
Library, Information and Media Studies2598ED-200B
Management, Marketing and Management Information Systems3978BHS 435
Mathematics and Computer Science2104HWH 332
Music2155HWH 331
Nursing3992BHS 200A
Technology and Education, Business Education, Family and Consuner Sciences Education, and Industrial Technology Education3807ED 203
Occupational Therapy2366LIB 132
Pre-Med3981SCI 221
Pre-Physical Therapy3961BHS 419
Psychology2394HWH 328
Reading/ Elementary Education2089ED 318
Social Work2207SCI 315
Special Education/ Early Childhood/ Bilingual2390ED 321
Teacher Certification2519ED 210
University Without Walls2455JDC-204