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Transfer Guide for
Health Information Administration

This transfer guide is intended for students who wish to complete a pre-professional curriculum at the College of Lake County in order to receive the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. The guide is also applicable to students who complete the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Health Information Technology, although such students should keep in mind that they may be required to complete general education requirements at CSU. Effective for all students entering Chicago State University in fall 2008 and after, students who have completed an AA or AS degree will not be required to take 6 hours of foreign language to fulfill Chicago State University general education requirements.

The guide shows the courses which should be selected from general education offerings to meet program requirements at Chicago State University. All courses must be passed with a grade of C or better to be accepted as transfer credit in the College of Health Sciences. All transfer students must complete Chicago State University diagnostic examinations for English Composition, Reading, and Math. Study guides for the diagnostic examinations are available at

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College of Lake County Course Hrs. University Equivalent Course Hrs.
English 121 3 English 1270/127 - Composition I 3
English 122 3 English 1280/128 - Composition II 3
Six hours in a two-semester sequence in a single foreign language.

Mathematics/Computer Science
College of Lake County Course Sem. Hrs. University Equivalent Course Sem.
Math 122 4 Math 1200/162 - College Algebra 3
Math 222 3 Math 1600/210 - Basic Probability & Statistics 3

College of Lake County Course Sem. Hrs. University Equivalent Course Sem.
CMM 121 3 Speech 2030/203 - Basic Speech Communication 3
Fine Arts 3 Any college-level fine arts course 3

Natural Sciences
College of Lake County Course Sem. Hrs. University Equivalent Course Sem.
Biology 121 4 Biology 1080/108 - Biology Science Survey II 3
No Equiv. 
No Equiv.
Physiology 2040/204 - Human Physiology
Zoology 2050/250 - Human Functional Anatomy Laboratory
Physical Science 3 Select any college-level course from chemistry, geology, physical science, or physics. 3

Social Sciences
College of Lake County Course Sem. Hrs. University Equivalent Course Sem.
Psychology 121 3 Psychology 1100/141 - Introduction To Psychology 3
Social Sciences 3 Select any one college-level courses from anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, social science, sociology. 3
No Equiv. 3 Economics 1000/100- Issues in American Economy; OR
Geography 1200/100- Geographers Toolkit; OR
Political Science 1000/100- Critical Thinking in Politics and Law

Additional Information
Transfer students are strongly encouraged to take a course in business writing and one in human resource management before transferring.  Transfer students who have completed courses in medical records technology or health information technology may request to take a proficiency exam at Chicago State University to receive credit for acquired knowledge.

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