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The College of Arts and Sciences
The College of Arts and Sciences at Chicago State University offers majors in African-American studies, art, biology, chemistry, computer science, criminal justice, economics, English, geography, history, liberal studies, math, music, physics, political science, psychology, sociology, Spanish, and communications-radio/TV broadcasting.
Students who have earned their Associates Degree will be considered to have completed their general education requirements, including the six hours in a foreign language. The College of Arts and Sciences requires 3 hours in an interdisciplinary course. 
All transfer students must complete Chicago State University proficiency examinations for English composition and reading. Study guides for the English composition examinations are available at (click on Academics, then Arts and Sciences, then English Department).  Study guides for the mathematics examinations are available in the Chicago State University bookstore for less than $3.00.

Effective January 1, 2005

Transfer students who transfer in one or two general education math courses with a C or better and whose majors do not require additional math courses do not have to take the placement examinations in mathematics.  STUDENTS MUST MEET WITH ADVISORS TO DETERMINE IF THEY ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE THE PLACEMENT EXAMINATIONS IN MATH.  Regardless of major, any student who wishes to enroll in a course or courses for which passing the Math 098 level of the diagnostic math examination is required as a prerequisite must take the examination and enroll in the appropriate math course as advised based on the mathematics examination results.
Questions about the courses, the examinations, or preparation materials should be addressed to the appropriate area: Mathematics.

NOTE: Grades of D in any area are not accepted in transfer.

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Core Requirments
College of Lake County Course Sem. Hrs. University Equivalent Course Sem.
ENG 121 3 English 1270/ 127 - Composition I 3
ENG 122 3 English 1280/128 - Composition II 3
Foreign Language 6 Two semesters of a single foreign language at the college level 6
Math 101, 141, 121, 221, 122, 123 3 Pick one of the courses below**:
Math 1700/121, 1800/123, 1010/140*, 1020/141*, 1200/162, 1210/163, 1250/171, 2200/201, 1400/209
* Fulfills critical thinking requirement
** all courses require passing score on Math Proficiency Examination as a prerequisite

Physical Life Science/Math/Computer Science
Students should complete a total of 9 hours from the three disciplines: 3 hours in a physical science and at least 3 credits from a life science (of which one course must have a lab) chosen from biology, chemistry, physics, physical science, computer science, and math.

Students should complete 9 hours from at least two different disciplines chosen from: art, English, fine arts, foreign language, literature music, humanities, speech, and philosophy.
Note: To satisfy university general education requirements, 3 credit hours in this area should be in fine arts.

Social Sciences
Students should complete 9 hours from two different disciplines chosen from: African American studies, anthropology, Criminal Justice 2245/245, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, and sociology.

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