2008-2009 Provost Council Meeting Minutes

Date Topics

Enrollment Update; Facilities Update; Black Male Center; Majors Challenge for Academic Affairs; Academic Calendar; Periodic Review of Programs

05/20/2009 Commencement; Enrollment Update; Summer Bridge and University College; Facilities Update; Non Traditional Degree Programs and Approved Policy;
05/06/2009 Enrollment Update; 344th Commencement; Physical Facilities Update; No Violence Policy; Enrollment Comparison Data: Spring 2008 versus 2009; ADA Support/Extension/Contract; Student Refunds for Tuition: Policies; Definitions for Vanity Press and Other Publications; Nontraditional Degree Students and Upper Division Courses; Summer and Fall Book Adoption Issues; Summer Youth Employment Program; Submission of Reports
04/29/2009 344th Commencement; Honor Convocation debriefing; Enrollment Update; Physical Facilities Update; Continuing the Journey: Black Male Initiative debriefing; Moodle Transition; Curriculum Change Request and Cost Impact; Accurate Information Disseminated to Students; No Violence Policy; Business Expense Policy
04/15/2009 Enrollment Update; Honors; Convocation and Graduation
04/08/2009 Enrollment Update; 344th Commencement; Honor Convocation; Determining Equipment vs. Commodity; Transfers, Community Colleges;
04/01/2009 344th Commencement and Commencement Countdown; Facilities; Travel Reimbursements; Year-End Closing Date; Provost's Colloquium; Wish List
03/18/2009 34th Commencement; Honors Convocation; Enrollment Update; Retention; Non-Academic Process/Procedures; Physical Facilities; Admissions Criteria; Retention

Enrollment Update; Number One Priority Discussion & Priorities for Academic Affairs; Timelines of Personnel Actions; Two Years of H.S. Foreign Language Discussion; 2008 Intersession Compared to 2007; Available Graduate Assistantships for Fall 2009; Retention and Graduation; Change in Master Course Schedule; Facility and Project Updates

01/21/2009 Enrollment Updates; Faculty Support and Development; Graduation and Retention Data; Transfer Students; International Studies Program; Foreign Language Requirement; Buildings; Nursing Stud

344th Commencement; Faculty Senate Recommendation on H.S. and CSU Foreign Language Requirement; Sabbatical Leave Request; Research Cues and Approval Process; Honors Convocation; Retention Status Report


Practice of Participation in Commencement with 6 Credit Hours; Introduction to Mr. Pitzer; Intersection between Advisors and the Office of Evaluation; Committee for Honorary and Commencement; Presentations on Student Outreach and Professional Development; Summer School Session; Year-Long Class Scheduling; Black Male Initiative


Enrollment Update; Expectation and Sub Goals


Enrollment Update; Commencement Speaker; AA Degrees; Position Ads and Part-Time Hires; Graduate Program Capacity; Change of Major Form and Process


Enrollment Update; Extension Students; Commencement; Distribution of Data to Support On-Line Courses; Blackboard; 21st Century Academic Planning Committee; CSU Requirements for Community College Students; Program Elimination Process

09/24/2008 Enrollment Update and June Commencement; Enrollment Extension and Contract Cohorts; Data to Support on line courses

Enrollment Update; Academic Calendar; Course Scheduling; Enrollment Changes Discussed; Faculty Positions Advertisement; Pilot Programs; Contract and Extension Courses; Individual Moving Charges; Meeting Lengths and Frequencies; Library Open House; Blackboard Negotiations


University Advising Support Center (UASC); Enrollment Update; Fall Convocation and Founder’s Day; Approval Process and Handling of Hiring Documents; Request for Change of Schedule for Course Cancellation; Program Proposals; Transfer and Admissions Criteria


University Advising Support Center (UASC); Enrollment Update and Student Orientation; Fall Convocation; Transition; Part-Time Appointments and Pay Rate Approval; Transfer Admission Criteria; Program Proposals


University Advising Center; Enrollment Updates; Personal Finance Information; Academic Affairs Policy; Fall Convocation; Student Health Insurance; Distance Learning Course Offerings


Catalog; University Advising Support Center; Midterm Grade; Tuition Waiver Policy; Update on I-17; Policies; Enrollment Report; Change of Major; Open House; Assessment Reports

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