Someone You Should Know!

Ronald Glowinski is a Lecturer in Chemistry and Physics and has been a member of the CSU community since 1999. A native of Chicago, he earned a bachelor’s in Chemistry from Illinois Institute of Technology and a Master’s in Chemistry from Loyola.

Ron first worked with John Leitzel in his organic chemistry lab; Lietzel’s interest was in DNA synthesis. Subsequently, he worked with Professors Mark Duban and Robert Richter. He’s taught in prior summers for the MBRS-TILT program. For the last seven years, he staffs the co-requisite lab courses for first- and second-year general and organic chemistry students. Ron describes the work as setting up the equipment, administering the lab during class, and then putting away the equipment.

When asked about his teaching approach, Ron indicated he’s a “chemist who does teaching”, not the other way around. Drawing on his prior experience for 20 years in research with Chicago area companies, Professor Glowinski believes in making the perspective about what is practical and is usable. He likes working with CSU students, just as he did when a teaching assistant at Loyola. Maybe that’s the reason his department appreciates his mentoring of new adjuncts.

His advice and thinking about CSU? Ron says, “Don’t be afraid, relax and be yourself, and don’t hesitate to ask for help from other colleagues.” He said it takes some time to develop a teaching style, and faculty and staff members have to be patient with themselves to do so.

Ron is a firm believer in the mission of CSU. He talked about the university being more than a box of metrics. He says, “The faculty do a great job, and we give students an opportunity to have a career. I help students who may be working, have families, or other life situations.” He values teaching non-traditional students, saying, “That’s why I’m here, and it gives me satisfaction.”

In his spare time, Ron enjoys fishing in Canada and sketching. He has been focusing on the technical aspects of sketching of late and re-reading a textbook on quantum mechanics.

What impresses about Ron, in addition to all of the above, is his unassuming and thoroughgoing sincerity about his academic vocation. He admires those members of his family and acquaintances who go about their work, doing it to the best of their ability, and not for awards or accolades.

Professor Ronald Glowinski is a shining example of the CSU Spirit, and a person you should know.