Forms and Documents

See below to find forms and documents pertaining to matters handled by the Office of the Provost.

Approved Departmental Applications of Criteria (DACs)

PDF Icon African American Studies & History
PDF Icon Art & Design
PDF Icon Biological Sciences
PDF Icon Chemistry, Physics, & Engineering Studies
PDF Icon Communications, Media Arts & Theatre
PDF Icon Criminal Justice, Philosophy, & Political Science
PDF Icon English
PDF Icon Foreign Languages & Literatures
PDF Icon Geography & Sociology
PDF Icon Information Studies
PDF Icon Mathematics & Computer Science
PDF Icon Music
PDF Icon Psychology and Counseling
PDF Icon Social Work
PDF Icon Accounting & Finance
PDF Icon Management, Marketing, & Information Systems
PDF Icon Advanced Studies in Education
PDF Icon Education Studies
PDF Icon Health Education, Physical Education, & Recreation
PDF Icon Health Information Administration
PDF Icon Health Studies
PDF Icon Nursing
PDF Icon Occupational Therapy
PDF Icon Pharmacy Practice
PDF Icon Pharmaceutical Sciences