Statement by CSU President Scott on Tyre Nichols

Chicago State University joins the nation in protest against the unjust killing of Tyre Nichols. We have, once again, witnessed the horrors of another young Black person who was taken from our world far too soon at the hands of those whose sworn duty it is to protect and serve. We are all victims, and our trauma seems to have no end.

Some of you have watched the video or read accounts of what Tyre Nichols experienced. These experiences may leave some in our community with emotional and mental challenges in moving forward. We are here to support you. Counseling services are available on campus for all students, and we encourage you to connect for your mental well-being. You are not alone during this time; we are with you.

As the State of Illinois’ only four-year U.S. Department of Education-designated Predominantly Black Institution (PBI), we know the bias and racism that impacts our community. This understanding and knowledge prompts us to create spaces and practices that affirm our commitment to a strong inclusive culture.

The CSU community is here to serve as a resource for our city, state and nation on our work and innovation in this space. Together we will champion for a world where every Black person’s life is valued, in turn creating a more just and better world for us all.



Zaldwaynaka Scott, Esq.


Chicago State University