My Tools

  1. Click your initials in upper right corner and select Faculty/Staff
  2. Click the My Tools link in the left panel
  3. To determine a price of a call made or to be made, click Price A Call in the left panel. Select the number from which you are making the call.
  4. Enter the date/time of the call, number of minutes (1 hour = 60 minutes) and the to number, including the area code and click the Process button.
  5. The results will inform you of the probability of receiving a call alert letter from the Office of Telecommunications.  Look at the billed amount in the results.  If the call is equal to or more than 30 minutes or equal to or more than $5.00, you will receive a call alert letter.
  6. To look up staff/faculty phone numbers in the directory, click the Directory link in the left panel
  7. You can search by first name, last name, telephone number or extension, email address, or department name.  Enter the criteria in the appropriate fields and click the Search button.

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