Sample Monthly Call Detail Report Memo


FROM:Telecommunications and Information Management Systems (TIMS)

SUBJECT:  Monthly Call Detail Report

DATE:         {current date}

The Monthly Call Detail Reports for {report month} is available for your review.  Please access your department’s report(s) in TIMS. If you have not already done so, please claim your account in the IAM.  The credentials provided through the IAM will also be used for TIMS.  The call detail data can be viewed and printed by extension, department, or the person(s) last name.

The TIMS departmental data is only available to department managers and senior managers.  Department management can only view the departmental data of his/her individual unit(s), while senior management can view all departments under their direction. TIMS customer data is available to each person who has an extension. 

As always, please be reminded that any personal calls made on landlines and wireless devices as well as text messages must be reimbursed to the University.  Please reference Chicago State University Telephone Usage Policy and State of Illinois (44 Illinois Adm. Code 5030).  Any audit inquiries directed to the Office of Telecommunications will be directed to the Senior Manager. Therefore, it is imperative that Senior Managers review and enforced the aforementioned CSU and State of Illinois call usage policies. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

This message is sent from TIMS

Telecommunications and Information Management Systems

Please direct all inquiries to:

Information Technology Division

Office of Telecommunications

DH 122

Dial the Operator and say “Telecommunications”

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