Sample Call Alert Letter

{Telephone Assignee or Manager},

Please ‘Reply All’ within three business days to remain in compliance

In upholding the State of Illinois (44 Illinois Adm. Code 5030.110) and Chicago State University’s Telephone Usage policy, TIMS (Telecommunications Information Management System) flags calls that are of long duration and/or charges that are $5.00 or more.  This memorandum is being sent to you to notify you of the following call(s): 

Name Department Date/Time Call From Call To Destination Duration (M:S) Amount

While we recognize call(s) may be business related, we request that you review the TIMS detail report to determine the nature of calls made from the extension assigned to you.  If the above-mentioned call(s) were business, please reply to this email and include the name of the business and purpose of the call in your response.  For personal calls reimbursement should be made to the University immediately by submitting funds to Chicago State University, Cashier Office in ADM 211.  A receipt of the transaction should be provided to the Office of Telecommunications located in DH 122.  If no reply is given, this email will be escalated to your department’s executive management for a response.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 

This message is sent from TIMS

Telecommunications and Information Management Systems

Please direct all inquiries to:

Information Technology Division

Office of Telecommunications

DH 122

Dial the Operator and say “Telecommunications”

x2559 - phone

x3762 - fax