Welcome to Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab

Vision of Innovation Lab

“To be a space that stimulates the mind to approach problems as challenges; helps build key resources, teams, time and space organizations, social support, public policy alignments and public relations in order to generate a solution to an issue of public importance;  and while having the attention on addressing issues, be an all inclusive organization where ideas are grown from the ground up and the individual is free to participate in any discussion using civil discourse.”

Mission of The Innovation Lab

“To bring students and individuals from various fields of study together, to participate in discussions, work together, and brainstorm in order to solve issues of burning nature that are shared by the people involved in the discussion. Form an environment wherein such discussions can happen in a friendly and collective fashion with the uttermost regards for the human dignity and spirit. Create solutions that are socially acceptable and commercially viable, and as a result form organizations of an entrepreneurial nature that benefit the students and individuals involved while the society as a whole as well via economic providence and richer awareness.”