Workers' Compensation

The Department of Central Management Services/Risk Management Division (CMS) administers the Workers’ Compensation Program for State of Illinois employees. The Early Intervention Program Administered by CareSys is designed to ensure that State employees injured on the job, receive quality medical care and that their recovery is complete. Chicago State University employees experiencing a work related injury that requires medical care should follow the steps listed below:

  • Report the injury immediately to your supervisor.
  • Contact the Campus Police Department for assistance and to file a police report (773) 995-2111.
  • Contact the Human Resource Department to received the Workers’ Compensation packet and instructions on the procedure used in filing a claim: Chicago State University, Office of Human Resources, 9501 S. King Drive/ADM, Chicago Illinois, 60628, phone (773) 995-2040 or fax (773) 995-2942.
  • The campus Wellness Health Center, located in ADM-103 is available to assist the injured employee until outside medical care can be rendered.
  • If the injury requires medical care, the employee chooses where to obtain their medical treatment:
(1)Through the employee’s own primary care physician (having the bills and medical       documentation submitted to CSU Office of Human Resources).
(2) Medical treatment can be obtained at Concentra Medical Center located at 900 E. 103rd       St. Chicago, Illinois 60628 (If CMS finds the claim non-compensable the employee will       be responsible for the bills incurred).

Once the necessary claim forms are completed by the employee, employee’s supervisor, witness and the medical documentation and medical bills are received in the Office of Human Resources the claim will be submitted to CMS for review. If the claim is compensable CMS will pay the associated medical bills, however if the claim is reviewed and determined non-compensable the employee should file the bills with their own health insurance company.