State University Retirement System

The State Universities Retirement System of Illinois (SURS) provides retirement, disability, death, and survivor benefits to eligible SURS participants and annuitants. Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in SURS when employment begins. You will not pay into Social Security during your employment with a SURS-covered employer, so you are not eligible for Social Security coverage based on this employment. You will pay Medicare taxes of 1.45% of your gross earnings. SURS contributions of 8% (9.5% for police in the Traditional and Portable Benefit Packages) of your gross earnings will be automatically deducted from each employment paycheck. This is a lifetime, irrevocable decision. After SURS is notified about your employment, they will send you a detailed Choice Packet to your home address. Note: If you do not make this decision within six months of your date of hire, you will automatically be enrolled in the Traditional Benefit Package. This default enrollment is also irrevocable.

As a new member of SURS, you must choose a retirement plan within the first 6 months of your employment. Your choice will depend on the types of benefits you wish to receive in the future, as well as the amount of personal involvement you want in determining where and how your contributions are invested. SURS members must choose one of three retirement options: Traditional Plan, Portable Plan or Self-Managed Plan. When you attend the employee orientation additional information will be provided or you can obtain clarity from the SURS website