Undergraduate Programs

The department offers introductory and advanced courses in Spanish and French. It also offers introductory courses in African languages, Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, and Russian. The first-year foreign language courses are intended to develop the ability to understand, speak, and read the target language. The department also offers minor sequences in French, Spanish, and Latin American/Latino Studies for students majoring in other degree programs.

Foreign Language study not only broadens students' horizons and opens doors to countless opportunities and possible adventures, but it also cultivates a spirit of tolerance and understanding of other cultures. This advantage, in turn, better prepares students to enter the job market and experience success in their endeavors.

Students enrolled in the Liberal Arts Option in Spanish prepare for dynamic careers in a wide variety of fields. Graduates of this program go on to pursue stimulating careers in government, translation and interpretation, public service, and business—to name a few.