Student Testimonials

Lina Cervantes

Spanish Education K-12 (Junior/2012-2013)

My name is Lina Cervantes and I am currently a Junior in the Spanish Education Program. I believe that the Spanish Education Program is preparing me to become an outstanding educator. As a native speaker of Spanish, I came into the program with facility in the language, particularly oral proficiency. Nevertheless, I needed to focus on correct grammar, formal usage, and writing in Spanish. The advanced Spanish courses such as Advanced Composition and Spanish Grammar fine-tuned my skills. As a future teacher, I am now comfortable with grammar and I use proper structures in speaking and writing. I can also identify the different idioms of the language.

A Spanish teacher is considered an expert in culture and literature as well. The department offers a large range of courses to explore the Spanish-speaking world in all its diversity. In these courses, we are taught to analyze texts in a social and historical context, formulate our own views, and conduct research. I was also given the unique opportunity to participate in study abroad in 2011 at the University of Toledo (Spain). The CSU Spanish program has developed a great collaboration with the University of Toledo. Through the program, I gained great insights on history, culture, and society which I can bring into my classroom one day. With that being said, I highly recommend the Spanish Education Program where professors, advisors, and staff shape and mold students to become well-rounded and open-minded individuals.