Language Laboratory

language lab

The Foreign Language Lab offers one on one tutoring and technological support for students in the Modern Foreign Languages program and a venue to hear and speak the target languages. The students enrolled in a language class such as Spanish or French, are required to do 6 hours of assignments designated by their instructor over the course of the semester in the Language Lab. The Language Lab is located in room 118 of the Douglas Hall, and houses a variety of languages related resources for onsite use:

  • Individual and small group language support is available in Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese and German.
  • Computers with software for recording student dialogues and presentation, listening to music and other audio, and watching DVD; and Internet-based videos.
  • Television with DVD and VCR players.
  • Provide textbooks and workbooks for in lab use.
  • CD'S that accompany the workbook used in the language class.
  • Conversational practice in-group form on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30- 1:30pm.