Billing Statements

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Students can find their E-Bill, Account Summary, and IRS Tax Information by going to the Student Payment Portal Link under Imprtatinat Links in


  1. Student Payment Portal
  2. Statements tab
  3. Current month


What is an e-Bill?

An e-Bill is the electronic version of your monthly statements. e-Bills are snapshots of the information contained on your student financial account. Your student account includes all charges and payments, financial aid, and other credits. The charges you will find on your account include, but not limited to, tuition, health insurance, room and board, and other related fees. All charges are subject to change as you make changes to your living arrangements, course schedule, and other related charges might change either before or after you receive your initial e-Bill for the term.

Printed Statements: Can be accessed and printed from Statement tab. Chicago State University does not issue paper statements.

e-Bills are issued monthly throughout the current term of enrollment. All charges incurred for the term are due by the published final payment due date. All past due balances are subject to collection fees if unpaid.

Online Account Access: You can access/view your financial account information online through Cougar Connect. When a new e-Bill/statement is available, you will receive an email notification to your CSU email address. For more information regarding billing contact the Bursar Office.