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Once again, CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected to receive a Chicago State University Merit Scholarship.
Before we can finalize the processing of your Merit Scholarship it will be necessary for you to review and accept the Terms and Conditions as outlined in the CSU MERIT SCHOLARSHIP ACCEPTANCE STATEMENT below. Please take the time to read the entire document before indicating your acceptance.





The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Chicago State University 2014-2015 Merit Scholarship:

The Merit Scholarship covers only tuition and mandatory fees.  The Merit Book Voucher, if Offered, covers books and supplies only that are purchased in the campus bookstore.  The Scholarship does not cover any required initial deposits, application, commitment, late registration, parking, or graduation fees.  The Scholarship does not cover any distance learning fees or lab fees.

Incoming freshman, graduate, and doctoral automatic Merit Scholarships are awarded for four consecutive years of undergraduate matriculation or three consecutive years of graduate matriculation.
Incoming transfer automatic Merit Scholarships are awarded for two or three years of consecutive undergraduate matriculation.

Clarification added 11/26/2014: The freshman, graduate, doctoral and transfer Merit Scholarships noted in the above two entries all pertain to "Incoming" students and are classified as "Automatic" Merit Scholarships. 
All other Merit Scholarships (Clarification added 11/26/2014: NOT Incoming/Automatic) are awarded either for the semester or for the academic year.

To renew the Merit Scholarship(Clarification added 11/26/2014: Incoming/Automatic Merit Scholarships), the student must earn a minimum of 12 undergraduate credit hours or 9 graduate credit hours at Chicago State University each semester and achieve no less than a 3.00 (undergraduate) / 3.5 (graduate) grade point average each academic term.  This is not the cumulative grade point average.

Clarification added 11/26/2014: In order for an Incoming/Automatic Merit Scholarship to be applied to your account during the first semester in which it is offered, a student must be enrolled full-time. This requirement is set forth in the original notice you received that you were eligible for the Merit Scholarship. Incoming/Automatic Merit Scholarships will only be available for the fall and spring semesters. They will not be renewed for the summer semester.
There may be other renewal requirements that students must adhere to in order to have their Merit Scholarship renewed for the upcoming semester.  Those requirements are determined by the awarding entity (i.e. college/department, financial aid).
Special Notice to DACA-Approved Students:  Please provide your DACA-Approved credentials to the Latino Resource Center located in the Cordell Reed Student Union, Suite 230-A, so that the processing of your Merit Scholarship can be finalized.
If at the end of the term, the student does not meet the minimum Merit Scholarship renewal requirements, the University will discontinue the Merit Scholarship.  In the event that the Scholarship is discontinued, students may appeal the loss of the Scholarship and decisions will be made on a case by case basis. Appeals should be sent to the Merit Scholarship Administrator for consideration. Scholarship reinstatement is not automatic and is not guaranteed. Examples for appeals include (but are not limited to): death in the immediate family, personal hardship (illness, accident, etc.), or family medical problems. If an appeal is denied, the student may apply for consideration for other scholarships and financial aid. Once an appeal has been denied the decision is final.

Merit Scholarship recipients considering domestic exchange, study abroad, and consortium programs must have approval from the Merit Scholarship Administrator prior to the student registering for those programs.  Students who have registered for any of those programs without prior approval will forfeit their Scholarship for future semesters with no option for reinstatement.

Recipients of the Merit Scholarship (and their parent(s) or legal guardian, if required) must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each academic year to determine their eligibility for Federal financial aid. Please request that Chicago State University (School Code: 001694) be sent a copy of the results. The FAFSA can be completed online at

If the recipient receives additional financial aid funds from other sources (e.g. other Merit/institutional/outside scholarships, grants, or loans) the funds must be reported to the Office of Student Financial Aid.  The Office of Student Financial Aid reserves the right to adjust scholarship awards if award recipients receive additional financial aid above the Cost of Attendance.

The sum total of a Merit Scholarship and any other Illinois scholarships/grants, including, but not limited to, MAP, Illinois Veterans Grant, National Guard, Talent Scholarships, Athletics Tuition Waivers, etc., may not exceed the total of tuition and mandatory fees for any academic period. The Office of Student Financial Aid reserves the right to adjust scholarship/grant awards in such an instance.
Withdrawal from the University before completion of a semester will result in termination of the Scholarship for that semester and for subsequent semesters with no option for reinstatement.
Now that you have read the Terms and Conditions you should close this web page and you will be taken back to CSU X-press where you may indicate by clicking on the "Accept" button that you have read and understand your responsibilities for maintaining eligibility for the Merit Scholarship. You may then proceed to the Accept Award Offer page (click on the next tab)  and view the amount of your Merit Scholarship.