Document Description
PDF Icon Business_Enterprise State of Illinois’ effort to make an accommodation for vendors that have

historically not been given equal opportunities to provide goods and/or services to the State.

PDF Icon Financial Disclosures

Form that Must be collected from a vendor by the requesting department when $50,000 is spent in a fiscal year

PDF Icon Furniture Purchase

Legislative mandate form 30ILCS 605/7a; 44Ill.adm Code 1.2043cl (Finance/Property Control Act) for the purchase of new furniture over $500.

PDF Icon Procurement Guidelines Quick reference guide for purchasing on CSU’s campus in FY21
PDF Icon Purchasing Defintions The language and terms specific to purchasing at a public institution of higher education in Illinois
PDF Icon Requisition Checklist Checklist to ensure all required documents are attached to a requisition to avoid delays in processing
PDF Icon Requisition Workflow Chart showing the workflow steps for requisitons.
PDF Icon Soy Bean Ink Statement Form required if the vendor is doing any outside printing on items being purchased. Not limited to paper products.
PDF Icon Unauthorized Purchase

Form required when goods or services have been rendered prior to a purchase order being created. The form must be filled out by the department, signed by the appropriate parties, and attached to the requisition in question.

PDF Icon Vendor Information

Form required for vendor information to be added or updated on CSU Buy. It is to be completely filled out and signed by the vendor, and MUST include a phone and fax number for purchasing to process. (ANY changes to an existing vendor's information require a completed Vendor Information Form. The vendor's signature is required to authorize change of information.)