Once accepted for admission to Chicago State University, all freshmen students must complete the University qualifying examination in English, Reading, and Mathematics prior to enrolling in the first term. The assessments will determine placement into OR out of English 1230, Reading 1500, and Math 0990 Level 1 and or Level 2.


Transfer students who have not completed an Associates of Arts or an Associates of Science degree must complete an English and Reading test by the end of the first term. Please review the information below to determine if you are exempt from the required testing.

Test Exemptions

Student has:

  1. earned an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree or earned a minimum of 75 credit hours and completed the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum (GECC)
  2. successfully completed the Illinois Certification Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)

However, the exemption will not stand if a college, department, program, or major requires the completion of the placement test.

Students who transfer in a general education math course with a C or better OR major does not require additional mathematics courses do not have to complete the proficiency examination in Math.

Students who do not transfer in a general education math course or who are required by the major or pre-requisite courses to complete specific math courses (particularly majors in the science, mathematics, engineering, and technology) must complete the Math examination. Please consult with an Advisor to determine if additional examination is required.

For more information, please reference the Academic Catalog or consult with an Advisor