Chicago State University

Examinations Testing Lab

The Examinations Testing Lab is located at Douglas Hall, Room 119. You can view a campus map to see the location of Douglas Hall. To see days and times when testing is available in the testing lab, as well as sign up to take an exam using our online form, please visit here. For questions, feel free to contact us by phone at 773-995-5420.

Examinations Testing Lab Policies

Chicago State students must present their student ID to the proctor when signing in to take an exam, and remote testing students must present a photo ID. Students who take placement exams in the Examinations Testing Lab are required to follow these policies:

  1. Only students taking an exam are allowed in the testing lab.
  2. Students may not leave the testing lab once the test has begun – this includes going to the bathroom or getting a drink.
  3. The testing lab is to be used for testing purposes only. Students cannot browse, print, check email, etc. using the testing computers.
  4. Cell phones must be turned off – not put on vibrate mode – while in the testing lab.
  5. No food or drink is allowed in the testing lab.
  6. No talking or making sounds that are disruptive to other testers.
  7. If you need assistance, raise your hand and a proctor will assist you.
  8. Pencils and scrap paper are provided by the proctor. No other materials are allowed during the test.
  9. Calculators are not allowed; however, the Mathematics exam is programmed to populate a calculator when deemed appropriate for a type of calculation.
  10. If you are suspected of or caught cheating, your test(s) will be stopped immediately.